These Shoes Were Made For Running

New Kicks

I hooked myself up with several new pairs of kicks today. Yes several. Why do I do that? I’ll share one pair at a time. The first: Brooks Pure Connect. I have not yet “loved” a pair of Brooks but these ones seem, well, different.

From the web site:

Feel the run from head to big toe with the radically lightweight and flexible PureConnect. Neutral runners who crave less shoe and more freedom will love the maximum breathability of an open mesh upper built on a slim and nimble underfoot. 

A split toe groove extends through the forefoot allowing the runner to really engage the foot and get a greater sense of connection to the ground. This is a shoe for those who want as little as possible between them and the road.

I will only wear these babies on runs 10k or less for sometime. Although they are similar in specs to the Saucony Kinvara’s they have a lot less cushion and more of a natural feel. 

  • The lightest shoe in the line
  • Extended Toe Flex for incredible flexibility
  • Open mesh upper keeps it breezy
  • Nav Band provides close-to-foot fit

When I tested them in the store tonight I loved how they hugged my high arches. I normally wear custom inserts but may not need them in these shoes. They fit like a glove and felt like they were made for forefoot strikers like me! I am looking forward to taking them out in the morning.

Speaking of new shoes JANAE has an awesome shoe give away going on her blog. Go enter before it’s too late!


Running/Exercise Requires Fuel…and rest

The fuel part I have down pretty good. The rest part? Let’s just say I’m a work in progress. The good news? My weekend post will talk about getting in (or doing your best to get in) 10 fruits/veggies a day. No rest chat. That would require me to know something about chillaxing and I’m just not there. I bet there’s an app for that. #sarcasm. (OK, that was super out of control).

Today is my half birthday! I’ve turned the corner to 33. When did that happen? Frack! Off to go celebrate…hot chocolate and DVR. That’s a party baby. Woooohoooooooo!!

12 thoughts on “These Shoes Were Made For Running

    1. Which ones did you go with? I have tried a couple of pairs that both gave me bad shin splints. I ran in these this morning with no probs- BUT- it was the first run. Fingers are crossed!

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