Fall Back Into Running/Health, Breaking Rules And Upcoming Races

Kickin Off Fall With New Posts

Change of season means change of pace, right? This rings true in both our personal (work, family, holidays) life and our active life (running, gym, football, whatever you do to stay healthy). With that being said I will be making my best effort to balance this thing that resembles a “blog”  with my day-to-day stuff in addition to I keep things rocking on the health/running front during a time of year when it’s easy to give up (why hello cooler weather and delicious pumpkin trifle).

Reader AMY (who has won two giveaways here!) has requested a post on how I fit in 10, yes 10, fruits and veggies a day. No, that doesn’t count my baby food, lol.  I started taking some photos this morning and will have that post up in the next couple of days. I am also putting the finishing touches on a few more strength training routines I use and have seen awesome results!

If anyone has any other requests please do not hesitate to ask. If there is one thing I love to do is share how I make things work as a super busy mama of 2 young kiddos. It is NOT impossible to eat healthy, run/workout, work full time and take care of a family. It’s all about balance…

Speaking Of Balance

The November edition of Runner’s World arrived in the mail yesterday. I am one of those people that skims from back to front first. I then check out the ads for upcoming races and consider doing an ultra!! Lastly I read the articles. I have no idea why I do this but it has become a very comfortable habit. Anyway, back to balance. I read an article last night on BREAKING ALL OF THE RULES OF RUNNING.

You know, going against the whole balance a training plan with real life. OUAL may be on to something with her no-train training plan!

It discusses stretching, strides, structure, long runs, pace, rest, strength training, cross-training, mileage increase, shoes and effort. Although I question subing out cross-training and just running all of the time (especially for those who easily get injured) I took away a LOT of good info from this article.

I recommend reading it and you can do so by clicking AQUI (oh, you didn’t know I am bilingual?)

Annnnnd Races

Yes I have more than just VEGAS on the schedule. It’s just easy to focus on that race in particular as it’s the only marathon on the schedule through the end of 2011. Interested in joining me in some fun? Here is what I am registered for in the upcoming months:








The rest of the schedule is TBD

Anyone running any of theses races with me?!?!


20 thoughts on “Fall Back Into Running/Health, Breaking Rules And Upcoming Races

  1. You bet your Momma will be joining in you in a few 🙂 I’ve got the O’side Turkey Trot, the Tink run and the Carlsbad 5000 on my schedule!! 3 in 6 months. We’ll see how this old lady holds up!!
    Love you sweet stuff.

  2. I am doing Iron Girl and Tinker Bell! Oh, and that Ragnar business.

    But talk to me about this all day 25K?? Intrigued….

    Running a million times a week seems disasterous… for me. Some people can pull it off, and I guess, if you can and not get injured, then whatever. It’s better than doing nothing, which is what I currently do on my non-running days. Laaaazy.

    1. Yay! So glad we have more than just Ragnar together!

      So the All Day 25k is part of the Carlsbad 5000 series. Instead of running just the 5k race in my age division I am running 5 5k races that day! This is a big 5k race and the all day 25k sold out last year. I have done the 5k and decided I would go for all 5 in 2012 🙂

      I love cross-training!!

  3. These all look so amazing and I have no idea how you balance everything you are a super star. I need to get a better job so I can afford more races 😀 running disney is a dream of mine

    1. I hope I get to see you renew your vows! That is awesome!

      Not sure about the save-a-turkey trot. The only 2 I know of is the Father Joes and O’side. I do o’side because my entire family runs it 🙂

      I am considering Hot Chocolate- still waiting to see the course map. The jacket is pretty sweet. Super cool that you are going international. WOW! I would love to do that. Maybe when my kids are a few years older!

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