Time To Decorate!

Today’s Run

7.5 miles on the trusty TM. Achilles held up- just a little sore this afternoon which is to be expected after a little more than 14 on Saturday.

Now that the sun is rising later almost all of my weekday runs will be on the TM. It’s not safe to run in the dark solo. Good news? Running on the TM gives me chance to listen to my iPod. Score. If anyone has any new tune suggestions send em my way!

Now That It’s October

I got the green light to start decorating for Halloween. LD got our boxes out of storage yesterday

and needless to say these people were very excited

Some of my favorite decorations at Halloween are creepy candles. Back in the day there was a company called Illuminations that sold the most awesome Halloween goods

Since the company went out of business I will probably never burn these babies. They are so cool!

He changes colors while burning. Pretty neat!

Tonight we will start putting up spider webs and the outdoor decorations! Our talking bats are the best!

Do you decorate for Halloween? Anyone running a race in costume?


6 thoughts on “Time To Decorate!

  1. I don’t do a lot of decorating for holidays. . . instead I will decorate for each of the seasons.

    I don’t know if I will wear a costume for a race, but I have dressed up as a pirate and a bee before!

  2. So whats your rule for kids and candy? They allowed to eat whatever they get?…I get flashbacks of my Pops taking my sack of candy away from me, giving me 3, and then I never see that bag of Heaven again.

    Needless to say, not a big Halloween fan anymore.

    1. We put their candy bags on top of the fridge so they can see them 🙂 We usually throw out any nasty candy they get and then let them pick one a day as a treat. Funny you mention your candy bag going missing as a kid…I swear ours did too!

  3. Your kids are so cute!

    It’s almost time for only TM for me, too. I’m such a wimp when it comes to running in the winter…and we don’t even have really bad winters. The cold and wind…can’t handle it!

    Just an idea…a post about how you fit in your 10 (!) servings of fruits and veg daily (minus the baby food). You being a working mom and all, this really impresses me. I need some motivation other than grabbing my Reese’s Pumpkins 😉

  4. Those candles are so rad!!! I’m bummed that company is out of business… I just put up a few Halloween decorations… I think having kids would make decorating for holidays about a billion times more fun than it already is (and it’s pretty dang fun now.) But seriously, look at those faces!!! haha! 🙂

    I’m gonna do a zombie run on base… I’m hoping we get to dress up in costume for that… if not, I might just wrap myself in tape and toilet paper and stuff anyway… and if they think I’m crazy I’ll just kick their butts… “Who’s crazy for dressing up like a zombie for the zombie run now?!” Ok, that got a little off course… Yes, I think I’ll do a costume run. 🙂

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