Pizza + Blogging Runners = Ragnar Relay Awesomeness

Today’s Run

14.2 miles, First 5 rolling, Second 5 flat, last 4.2 ran with the Rock Runners. 

It was a warm morning. Warm enough for a tank top at 6:15 a.m. This was my longest run since May. And it felt like it. The hardest part? Stopping to meet up with the crew to keep going. Taking that long break made it hard to get going again. 

Butttt I made it and will increase my mileage this week. T-9 til Vegas!

Running/Blogger/Ragnar Fun

This afternoon we had a little Ragnar Relay fun at Pizza Port in Carlsbad.

Photo Source:

Chacha, Heather, FasterBunny, Moi, PrettieFittie, SkinnyRunner & OUAL

We talked, we ate pizza, we laughed. This is a fun group of gals! In the midst of all of the yapping this happened

My 4 year-old took over the camera and we never got it back

Within 5 minutes he mastered the self-portrait. Boy should start his own kid blog.

And then he felt bad and tried to get a pic of us all chatting. Instead he caught some kid getting busted by his mama

Next time the kids stay home.

Thanks gals for putting up with me and my crew! 


11 thoughts on “Pizza + Blogging Runners = Ragnar Relay Awesomeness

  1. Aaaaaaand, great picture of me again. This is par for the course for me and pictures. Not surprised.

    Margot – hear ya on the spousal/bf complaints. I get them too, sometimes. If you don’t make it I’ll just arrange for you to pace me in some other 5K.

    1. The way I see it, on the sig-o complaints is that I just need to knock about 4 -5 minutes off my 5k time. (easy ;))
      THEN he’ll be to be like ‘omg i wanna watch you win all that cash in another race’. =).


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