Big Ol’ Baby

OK, I’ll Admit It

There are some days where I just can’t seem to get in 5 fruits AND 5 vegetables. Yes 5 of each. Not combined.Veggies are usually easy since I like to make a big salad once a day. Butttt some days I just can’t pull it off. I get up before the sun rises to run. I try to get my lunch packed the night before but it doesn’t always work out. So how do I make up for my days when my lunch box fails or I just let the house run out of food? I hit up these little snacks that I keep in my office…

I’m not kidding. Yes that says “baby.” No I am not embarrassed about it. No it is not gross.

I would have never even known about these magical little gizmos if I didn’t have kids. When my son was a baby (2007) there was one line of organic fruits/veggies that came out with these. I bought a few for lazy days when I didn’t get around to making my own baby food at home. I am one of those moms that taste everything before I give it to my kids and that’s when my love for them started. Not all of them are good. And no they shouldn’t replace fresh fruits and veggies. HOWEVER, they make for a good, low cal snack when you run out of time and you don’t have to feel guilty about it!

For instance…

HappyTot’s Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot and Cinnamon w/Salba (chia seed)

70 Calories

1g fat

 0 trans fat

140 mg potassium(runners love)

13 carbs (runners love)

3 fibers (keeping you full…and regular)

1g protein (muscle repair)

9g sugar (that’ll cure that sweet tooth)

100% Vitamin C, 5% Folate, 10% Vit A

Are you super creeped out yet? This is nothing…just wait…ahahahahahahaha!

Who Drank Extra (or free) Coffee Today?!

National Coffee Day right? It’s an excuse to indulge in the java. Who me? No. Never. Maybe. Ok I had an extra cup. But it wasn’t free. And I made up for it 10 extra glasses of water…and some baby food.

9 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Baby

  1. Now that is what I call getting creative! I’m impressed by that and the 10 glasses of water. That’s about 9 more than me 😉

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