Name Our Ragnar Team- Voting Time

It’s Your Right

The freedom to vote. Now is the time people. Our Ragnar teams are nameless but that soon will change. After hundreds of suggestions all over blogland we have come up with a top 10 list. We now need you to voice your opinion and give us a name!

Just in case you forgot we have 2 Ragnar teams that will rock SoCal in April of 2012. We have an ultra team of 6, and a regular team of 12.  Here are some stolen photos from OUAL’s page:

SkinnyRunner, Chacha, Margot, OUAL, Pam and MOI

Heather, Becka, Rose, Kat, Prettie Fittie, Kate & Ang, Monica, Broke Runner, Madison, Elisabeth and Danica!

How do you vote?! GREAT question! Click HERE to be routed to OUAL’s page where the poll is. All you have to do is pick your fave. The poll is open through Friday September 30th so get to voting! Ttthhhhaaannnkkk yyyoooouuuuuuu!!!!

P/S After yesterday’s complain fest I woke up this morning with very little achilles pain. My fingers and toes are crossed that I am on the road to recovery…and a new pair of kicks!

9 thoughts on “Name Our Ragnar Team- Voting Time

  1. My vote goes to “So Much Cooler Online” BUT I think “In your dreams” is better. Have fun at the Ragnar. I would looooooove to do this in 2013. Who put together the teams? I want!

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