Back At It

I Was Running

Today’s Run: 7.5 miles, TM, felt eh

This was my first run post the Warrior Challenge and it went. It took close to a 1/2 mile for my achilles to warm up and not feel sore. I decided to run for an hour and get it what I could. It wasn’t a horrific run but it wasn’t glorious either. At least it was pain free…until I was done.

I stretched and iced and that made it maaaad. Seriously, it felt worse with the ice pack on. Thank the lord for ibuprofen. I am at a loss at this point. I know I just took a full week off so some soreness in my achilles is expected. However, I am 8 weeks out from Las Vegas and need to start getting 15,18,20 milers in. Feeling.worried. If it was sore after today’s run what will it feel like after a long run this weekend? YIKES!

Maybe I need to put on my regular old neutral shoes and take them for a spin. My Kinvaras have more than 200 miles on them so they need to be retired. My shoes could be contributing to the problem, no?

Simple fact:


I apologize to those of you who have been keeping up with me and are sick of hearing about my petty injuries and are wondering if I will ever be back to 100%. Truth be told I am wondering the same thing. Power of positivity right? I figure once I get past this I am golden.

Hope my Ragnar team doesn’t give me the boot! GALS, I promise I will be 100% ready to go by April! NO DOUBT!

K…back to work!


Shoe thoughts? Could my beat down sneaks be the issue?


11 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. So funny, I was thinking shoes and then you said it.

    I notice that my achilles (even radiating into the heel) sometimes gets cranky when I use my Mizuno Precisions. They are not totally “free” shoes, but they have a low heel (like close to even with the front).

    I think these light/low support shoes have a purpose, but I’m not sure I like the idea of wearing them all the time. Or even half the time. For me, I think I like them for speedwork and races less than a half. They were the only shoes I brought with me on my trip so any running, I used those. But I felt that my left foot didn’t like it after my a while.

    Anyway, it shouldn’t make it worse to try a different pair of shoes for a run or two.

    1. They were the only shoes I brough to Hawaii too and I have been doing almost all of my runs prior to HI in them too.

      I concur that they are great for short distances and speed but I am thinking not such a good idea for my long runs. Siiiggghhhhhh back to the drawing board. The good news is the PF is long gone so now I just need to figure this out…and then maybe break an arm or something, lol!

  2. Please be careful with your achilles. Gerad just ruptured his, and had the same pain you describe after runs. He cant do anything for 3+ months now. No bueno.

  3. Hey girl – sorry about your achilles – but hey you are doing great. I loved hearing about your week vacation in Hawaii and your awesome runs there. reading about your icing of your achilles… and I remember reading something recently that said ice baths after a workout delays recovery- hmm. I will have to try to find where I read that and get back to you.

  4. Agh… that darn achilles! I don’t know what to tell you… I think shoes could definitely be the culprit. I really hope it is. And seriously, if I had a bum achilles, I would be so much more of a depressed case than you’re being right now. I think you’re handling it really well and that your positivity will work!!

  5. New reader!
    You know what’s weird? I am also running in Kinvaras and I have noticed Achilles tenderness after my runs. This is something that’s NEVER happened before. It has me wondering if it’s the shoes too! Interesting.
    Hope you heal up quickly! : )

    1. Seriously, me too! I have way too many miles on this pair so maybe its a combo of worn out sneaks and the transition to minimalist shoes…although I sometimes get pain in the top of my feet too since I have run in them. It stinks because I love them!

      Going to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. I’m not medical expert…but I had achilles problems long ago when I was running in high school. Like you, I remember the ice made it hurt worse. For me, the only thing that really helped was when I took two solid weeks off. I’ve heard that adding a small heel lift to your shoe can help, but I’ve never done it. You could try asking a doctor what they know about that option, as well as the guys/gals at a good running store. Sometimes, they know a lot, too, since they often carry the product.

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