The Front Street Mile

Race #2: The Front Street Mile

We headed down to Front St around 2 pm to check things out and get ready for the one-miler. Front St. is right on the water and has a lot history, along with touristy type shops and restaurants. 

The View


Old Court House

We wandered around and checked things out before getting ready for the race. The kids races started at 3:00 with the littlest ones running first. There was more than one kid under the age of 7 laying down 7 minute miles. Fast little ones!

At 4:00 the grown people races started. It was pretty darn warm and humid so I was pretty happy it was only a mile! The masters went first, followed by Elite and Open Men 18-39 and last but not least the Elite Women and Open Women 18-39. This was an old school small road race with no chip times. Just a clock, a gun, a guy on a megaphone and a guy with a stop watch.

We got lined up and I somehow got stuck back a few rows. The road was narrow so I planned to do some major dodging and weaving when the gun went off

We ran down Front St for a half mile, hit a turn around and came back. After some weaving I caught a girl I was talking to at the start and paced with her. As soon as we hit the turn around and came back to the straight away I made my move to pass her and never looked back

Yes I realize my shorts are super out of control. In my defense it was freaking hot out. I have never run in just a sports bra and was pretty self conscious but once we got going I didn’t care anymore!

I crossed the finish line in 6:32. 2nd woman in the open age 18-39 (there were not that many women, but I’ll take it)! Pretty stoked on this time! 

Got my top 10 finishers medal and headed to dinner.

Overall my body feels good. I will be taking it nice and easy at the half tomorrow to give my achiles a break. 2 races down, 1 to go. Almost a MAUI WARRIOR!


17 thoughts on “The Front Street Mile

  1. three things: 1. you ROCKED your sports bra. and I want your abs 2. you are super fast and should feel proud and 3. not only are your legs amazing, your shorty shorts made them go on for miles – just like you 🙂

    LOVE IT!!!

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