Maui Tacos 5k

Race 1: The Maui Tacos 5k

The first race in the Maui Marathon and Half Marathon Warrior Challenge is the Maui Tacos 5k.







Good Morning, It's HOT!

Check out that dude behind us. He is not feeling it. Somone get that guy a tall glass of happy: stat. 

The race started at 8 am and it was very warm, windy and humid.  I could have sworn they said it was a “fast, flat course” so the 75 foot climb at about 1.5 miles in was unexpected. I must have had my head firmly planted up my hiney when they revealed the course. Ooops, my bad! My Achilles was not happy with me. Not at all.

I crossed mile 1 at 6:58 and was feeling good and thought I could speed it up after mile 2. Then the hill rolled up along with a headwind and I slllooowwwweeed down. I think mile 2 was 7:30ish and I was happy as a clam to see the water station. I took about 2 sips of water out of a ginormous cup and hit the turn around. I thought I could make up time on the down hill but it wasn’t happening. The roads were not closed so cars were driving right alongside of us on much of the course. That was a little scary but it did help push me at the end.

I hit mile 3 and tried to go faster but my legs weren’t jiving. The last .10 was at a 6:48 and I finished in 22:41(7:19 pace). This is my worst 5k finish yet such an awesome experience. The unofficial results: 14th woman, 51st overall, 4th in my age of oldies (30-34). To give you an idea of how tough it is to run in hot, humid, windy weather the  fastest man finished around 17:01 and fastest woman finished in 20:xx. That made me feel pretty awesome so although it was a PW it was a freaking AWESOME!

Check out some of the characters on the course

Male Minnie Mouse throwin’ up a shaka

This guy is doing the entire Warrior Challenge on stilts. 

Breakfast Time: CJ’s

After taking about 20 minutes to cool down and attempt to de-grossify myself we headed to CJ’s for breakfast.

This little hole in the wall boasts an awesome menu (at reasonable prices) and a great atmosphere. This place reminds me of somewhere we would eat at home!

I went with yogurt and fresh fruit (pineapple, mango and banana) and a macadamia nut coffee. It was so.good. Perfect post race breakfast

Isn’t that outlet on the wall weird? It’s sideways and there for no particular reason. Hm.

I am now icing the Achilles and getting ready for race #2: The Run Forest Run 1 miler. I bet there is going to be a few speed demons out there!

7 thoughts on “Maui Tacos 5k

  1. In that kind of heat, that is great. Heck, your PW would be my PR. I am not a short distance runner.

    I’ll bet you kick a$$ in the mile. Only ~6 minutes of pain :o)

  2. Running in Hawaii heat and humidity is so hard! I’ve done it on a few vacations and wanted to die. I can’t even imagine doing a race in it… I bet Cec can relate… Great job, though!
    You looked like a rock star! I would not want to line up with you… you look like you could kick some serious butt! And that guy in the background kills me!!! hahah!!

  3. In my opinion you did great eventhough it was a PW for you ?!? I might be able to run that fast in another lifetime but certainly not anytime soon. I am in awe. Congrats!

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