It’s Vacay Time! Maui it to me


I haven’t had to pack for a vacation in a long time. Little weekend overnighters here and there are simple. Having to actually think about more than one night is a bit overwhelming for me

Yes that is a disaster of a hot mess. Probably not a good idea to just throw it all in a pile. After way too much back and forth this seemed like a much better idea

Just call me contortion runner. Why did we pay for 2 plane tickets? Ok, I promise to grow up in the next 12 hours and I will behave for all 5 hours of the flight to Maui. Thank goodness for a direct flight. Who knows what kind of crazy I would get into if we had to go much longer than that.

All Of This Vacation Action

Lead to LD and I deciding that we needed fro-yo. Desert makes everything better, especially when it involves red velvet and cake batter and cookie dough

Did you spy the guitar shaped cutting board? Totally awesome, I know. And so is this

I promise I am not that bad of a photog. LD asked me to cut his face out. He just wanted you to focus on the rad shirt he has on (yes he copied me. If you recall, I have this shirt too thanks to my mom and dad!). Oh, and maybe his “delicious creation” from Golden Spoon.

Off To Maui In The Morning!! Vacay Here I Come!



9 thoughts on “It’s Vacay Time! Maui it to me

  1. Why are you my twin?? We have the same suitcase, all though I know for a fact that I can’t fit in mine. Well, it’s not a fact and now I might just have to try. LOL Fly safe and see you in a few. Love you forever and ever bestie!! Oh BTW, need some help with those vows I probably should have already written. 🙂 Yes I procrastinate just like you too!!

  2. a) I can’t believe you can fit in a suitcase, which is awesome. Reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where she locked herself in. That crazy Lucy.
    b) Have a great vacation!

  3. I am /w Alex….I can’t believe you can fit in a suitcase either!!! and I love your guitar shaped cutting board. Where do I find one – xmas gift for Colin 🙂 Have a GREAT time can’t wait to hear about your trip

  4. How cool! I never heard of this Maui Marathon Warrior Challenge before! Automatically added it to my Running Bucket List 🙂 Have an awesome flight and race!

    BTW, that frozen yogurt is talking to me!

  5. HAHA, that is so something I would do – squeeze myself into some small space. In college, I climbed into a laundry bag as a joke and then they carried me into the elevator and dropped me off on the 2nd floor (which happened to be the really quite floor for the orthodox jewish students, who were hanging out in the common area). I got some weird looks as I crawled out.

    Hope you have a good flight!

  6. You have Red Velvet Froyo?!?! I want/need!
    Hahah!!! I can’t believe you could fit into your suitcase! That is hilarious!
    Loving the shirt, the guitar cutting board, you headed to Maui… basically, I’m loving your life right now.

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