Chick Chat

Time Is Flying

Dude. I still have a butt ton of stuff to do before I leave for Maui and time is a ticking. Seriously work, don’t you know I have more important things to do? Ya know, bathing suits to pack, flip flops to shove in my carry on. Yeah, important stuff. What’s that? Oh right…that little thing called a paycheck. That is important…

And since we are talking about important stuff, it’s time for us to have chick chat.

**DISCLAIMER TO THE DUDES THAT READ THIS BLOG. Now is your chance to bail off this page. There are just some things that dudes don’t want to know about. Just like there are things us ladies don’t want to know about you. If you choose to read on, consider yourself warned. Or you can skip to the bottom of the page where I’ll get back to talking about running since that is what I am supposed to be doing. Riiiggghhhttttt.

Chick Chat

As I am getting ready to go on my first real vacay in 5 years I want to be ready to chill on the beach with no worries. As a lady I am willing to endure, to a degree, some pain to take care of myself.  Happy wife = happy life. Feeling me ladies?

Today I had to take on female grooming. GOOD LORD IT HURT. And not the same kind of hurt as say a deep tissue massage. Waxing freaking hurts like a mofo. Butttttttt to me it’s worth it since I will be living in a bikini for more than a week. However, for those of you that are wimps about pain (like I am) you need to be prepared before you head in to your local esthetician. 

1. Know what you are having done and make sure the esthetician knows too. THIS IS SERIOUS. I once had a snafu where I didn’t confirm with my girl what services I was having done that lead to a HUGE SNAFU. It WAS NOT awesome but it did lead to a few good nicknames from my hubs and my best friend. At least I could give someone a good laugh.

2. See an esthetician that will just get the job done. This should not be a 45 minute ordeal that involves a lot of talking. Wax on wax off baby.

3. Plan your appointment a few days prior to when you actually need it done. Your skin is going to be red and it’s going to be sensitive. You don’t want to walk out of the salon and into the ocean- unless you enjoy that kind of thing. And that’s just weird.

4. There are people who are good at waxing and people who ARE NOT. Get opinions or a referral before you go. A jacked up hoo-ha is not fun to deal with.

After my ordeal back in July I hope this info will help another sister out. We’ll talk about that craziness some other time.

Now that I got that out of the way I need to spray a little bronzer on, paint my nails and I am ready for paradise. At least those things are seemless, right?

Running In Maui: The Warrior Challenge

As you all know I have 3 races this weekend. A 5k and 1 mile race on Saturday followed by the Half Marathon on Sunday. Sadly things are not going to go as I originally planned due to my nagging achilles. Darn thing is still sore when I wake up in the morning and feels tight when I run. At least it doesn’t hurt when I run, but regardless, its still bugging me. The last thing I want to due is rupture it. That would be bad. Really bad. So I will likely be in total slow-mo. At least I will come out of it with pretty pictures, sweet schwag and a rockin tan.

This weeks workouts:

Mon: 45 min moving stair monster, weights, core

Tues: Rest

Weds: 6.3 miles, core

Tomorrow will likely be a cross-train day and then Friday I am leaving on a jet plane!

What was your workout today?

Don’t Forget To Help Us Name Our Ragnar Team! Once all entries are in we will narrow it down to the top 10 and open up a vote. There is a sweet prize involved so what are you waiting for?!

12 thoughts on “Chick Chat

  1. LOL! And that is why I have yet to get any nether regions professionally waxed. Or unprofressionally waxed, for that matter. But I can see why one would go through it, I mean, several weeks free of hair. But yeah. No one wants a “jacked up hoo-ha.”

  2. Sooooooooooooooooooooo funny and was chatting about this very thing a few hours ago, hoo ha story and ALL. 🙂 I am going Friday, about the time you are landing in paradise I will be getting my grooming on. I have many text messages back and forth with my lady and the waxing order is clear. No SNAFU’s here thank you very much!! Although Domino begs to differ.

  3. lol…i’m a little scared now cuz i was gonna go get waxed for the first time. since you mentioned recommendations…any good places in san diego? thanks!

  4. Sending you healthy vibes girlie!! You’ve got races to RUN!!!! 🙂 You go girl for taking on the Warrior Challenge!! I hope to come out to cheer you on!!

    I’ve never had waxing done! I’m a sissy! I’ll run 26.2 but, NO to waxing!! OUCH!!

    Have a safe flight out tomorrow!!

  5. Haha… Love it! Great tips. They can get a little chatty, can’t they… I was there for over 30 minutes one time… Just thinking, I don’t care about your dog’s trip to the vet! Rip it off already and let me go!! Haha.
    Have a freaking blast in Hawaii!!!

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