Help Name Our Team!

Ragnar 2012- So Cal Style

I told myself I would reduce the number of races of I run next year. Then I got talked into this:

I will be joining 5 other awesome gals in April for 24 hours of total awesomeness. Yes I said 5 others- we are a 6 PERSON ULTRA TEAM!

The 5 other crazy ladies running with me are:


Skinny Runner 

Pam (Who needs a blog!!)


Faster Bunny

Annnnnnd We Need Your Help

Our team has no name. I know, sad right? Total Jane Doe’s. We are all opening up our blogs to you awesome readers and asking you to help name our team!

I know a lot of you are creative so give us your input! It could lead to a pretty sweet prize….

Time To Pack For Maui!

17 thoughts on “Help Name Our Team!

    1. Give or take. It’s divided into legs so the first runner runs leg 1 which is say, 14 miles. Then runner 2 runs the next 15 miles and so on and so forth. There are typically teams of 12 that run between 5-8 miles each leg so we are doubling up on a 6 man team! 🙂

  1. Sponge-Barb Running Pants! (And you all run in yellow)
    It’s true, Women Fartlek
    The Thrill of the Kill
    Rhymes with Orange (and you all run in orange, as you can see, I love dressing themes)
    Flying Purple Mile Eater (and you guessed it, dress in purple)

  2. Yeah, I also sort of winding down races but then I can’t NOT do this one. The first blogger-Ragnar is going to be the most fun, so missing it would be too big of a bummer.

  3. I am coming to cheer you crazy ladies on for sure. Not taking no for an answer, me and DOMINO will be there cheering you guys on. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to Ragnar! It’s going to be very memorable!! 🙂

    Great personalities, Great runners = Great time!!

    working on my blog it’s been a slow process. Soon!! 🙂

    See you soon in the Aloha State…”run forrest RUN!!”

  5. Wow. That sounds crazy. As for a name? Hmmm….how about Six Runnin Chicks. I’m all about rhyming. …and that’s about as good as I can do with only one cup of coffee in me so far.

  6. I will suggest the name of my soccer team when I was in 3rd grade: Femme Fatales.

    But more obviously is the route of going with a blog pun. “The Blog Runners”? “Running for the Blog Post”? “The Chic Bloggers” . Oh wait, I have a good one! “Follow Us”. So perfect. cause you’re fast, and bloggers.

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