Running and the Black Out

Today’s Run

8 miles w/ The Rock Runners! We had such a great morning. From the devotional, to talking about the anniversary of 9/11 and the tribute planned for tomorrow, to keeping each other going for 8.Β 

Today I ran with Jen (who is new to our group), Julie and Stacey. We started out a little fast and were keeping about a 7:50 pace through 6. It was at 6 that I noticed Stacey had dropped back. I stopped and saw her coming up and she yelled that she needed to slow down. There was no way I was going to live a sister hanging! She has gotten me through many of 20 milers and it was my turn to do the favor! P/S She was extremely sick for almost 3 weeks and is just getting back into running. We took a 5 minute breather and I walked with her. We then got our rears in gear and made it home. Our average pace ended up being 8:30 and that included our walk. She is a super star for keeping that pace after only running once before today! YEAH!

After everyone checked back in we headed to Con Pane for coffee and food. I begged for us to go to Panera but I was over ruled by, well, everyone. That means I was forced to a giant mug of coffee, cherry almond granola with honey yogurt and maybe a bite of chocolate brioche. HEAVEN POST RUN!

I have no idea why this pic is so blurry. Maybe all of that coffee gave me shaky hands!

Did You All Hear

about our Black Out on Thursday?

It was one of the most peaceful nights on record in SD county. At about 3:40 pm the power suddenly went out. I thought maybe it was just at my office (we are known for blasting the air, especially in a heat wave) and then I got a call from LD telling me the power was out at our house. Um, my house is not anywhere near my office. Weird. Then I got a twitter message from ChaChaΒ that her power was out too. Holy smokes, we live about 40 miles apart. I tried to call my Mom and her phone went to voicemail. It was then that I realized the power was out…EVERYWHERE!

We shut down our office since we no longer had air and headed out. Traffic was cray cray. I turned on the radio and learned that power was out from Orange County down through SD county into Baja California and Arizona! WTHeck?! At this point no one had an explanation which was unnerving. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get home (it usually takes 10 without traffic) and by the time I got to the pad my neighbors were ready to chill!

We busted out the grill, candles, electric lights and guitars. Everyone ate while LD and a few others played music and just enjoyed one another’s company. No phones, no computes, no TV. IT WAS AWESOME. Hello, we could see the stars in the sky!!! YEAH!

We ended up getting power back at sometime in the middle of the night. We were initially told it could take until Friday afternoon but I think SDG&E feared riots so they got their act together. Turns out some worker in Arizona hit the main power line and blew us all out. How can one guy’s mistake cause that much craziness? I bet he felt terrible!! Poor guy!

All in all it was a blessing that it happened. With all of the stress and madness in the world God decided that we needed a break and gave it to us. He shut all of the media off and gave us a sense of community again. And a nice, cool breeze. The power outage might have made some people nuts but to my family is was a HUGE BLESSING!

I hope you are blessed this weekend!



11 thoughts on “Running and the Black Out

  1. I bet it’s really cool to run with a group like that… I need to try and find something like that around here. I may have said that before, but I really need to do it, because I guarantee I would need that kind of help and support to make it through 20 mile long runs. Maybe I really should just move down there and then I can run with you awesome ladies!
    You definitely made the most of that power outage. I love how you turn something crazy that could really bum a gal out, into something cool, like getting together with neighbors, bbqing, playing guitar, and star gazing. What a party! It almost makes me wish our power would go out.
    First, Jason needs to learn how to play guitar, so he can be cool like LD and serenade me while I eat my burger. πŸ™‚

  2. DANG, I want to join your group ASAP!!! What an awesome run and girl, that pace is awesome and that included WALKING?!?!? Okay, speedy pants! Okay, that traffic sounds awful. Seriously, that night did sound awesome, maybe I will make Billy pretend with me that we don’t have power so we can do all of those fun things;)

  3. My only request to the big man upstairs is to next time have it happen after my commute! Stick-shift for 2+ hours = painful left knee. I was seriously wondering if I would be able to make it all the way home after a while it was starting to ache pretty good. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I hadn’t bailed on work as fast as I did (I was out the door at 3:50-ish).

    It’s too bad that technology has robbed us of the good-old-fashioned fun, sans TV & internet.

    I was also impressed with how orderly we were, as a city. We are the 7th biggest in the nation and everyone was really patient and considering. But, that’s kind of San Diego πŸ™‚

    1. Oh girl, I feel you! I drive a stick too. I am pretty sure my left foot went numb. LAME SAUCE!

      You are right, SD is chill. Plus, I think we were all hoping that the power would stay out so that we could have a long weekend. Just sayin.

  4. I love that bond between running buddies/teammates. There are times when you have to go ahead and run your own race/pace, but times when we need each other to go on. It’s awesome!

    I would have been totally on your side for panera bread. I LOVE that place, pre and post run πŸ™‚

  5. Oh yeah I heard the power was out fo0r a good while down south there. I have to admit though, hanging out with some acoustic guitar and actually being able to see the stars sounds pretty damn awesome.

  6. I am envious of your running group. Sounds really cool. I need to find one! lol I didn’t know you had a backout, but why would I know about it up here in Canada πŸ™‚ I think almost 8 years ago we had a huge one in the summer. It sucks when there’s no air 😦 I love that you said “cray cray” πŸ™‚ I laughed aloud!

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