Do You Warm Up?

Warning: No Photos In Today’s Post. I know, BORING!

Good News!

1. After today you will not have to listen to me complain about how hot it is. It’s 100 degrees at my office again today, however, we are going to cool down by 20-25 degrees tomorrow. HELLO FALL! In my defense we DO NOT have A/C. Now do you feel just a taaaaaad bit sorry for me? No? Darn. Nothing like sweating my hiney off in my own house. Free sauna baby!

2. We signed additional docs yesterday to try to get this sale to go through on our house! We are praying, praying, praying that this works out because…

3. I found a stinking AWESOME house today that just went up for rent in a neighborhood we love! It’s close to our church and the beach and would be perfect for our little family. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so let’s just hope the sale happens first!

In Running

I had a really crappy 4 mile run yesterday. Sometimes runs just plain stink and this was one of them. I couldn’t get my legs to go and my achilles was a bit sore. I set out to do 8 and cut it down to 4 and called it a day. I took today off and will probably just cross-train tomorrow and hope for a better run in…MAUI!

One week from tomorrow I will be landing in Hawaii and enjoying a ONE WEEK vacay!!! This is my first vacation of more than 2 days since my honeymoon 5 1/2 YEARS AGO! Can you says works too much and needs to take more time off?! Maybe that should be my resolution for 2012. Less work more play. I like the sound of that.

On Friday when we land we will pick up our rental car and head to Lahaina. After we get situated I need to pick up my race packet as my first race is on Saturday morning! The Maui Marathon and Half Marathon Warrior Challenge starts with the Maui Tacos 5k on Sat morning and is followed the Run Forrest Run 1 miler on Saturday afternoon (that is going to be HOT. Thank goodness it’s only a mile). I will then run the  1/2 Marathon on Sunday morning (there is also a full but I opted to do the half since I am running two other races). I CAN’T WAIT! I am hoping this annoying achilles issue gets itself in check in the next week.

Do You Warm Up

before a race? I never do (other than stretching) but think that I may need to start doing it to help my achilles get better. I want to be smart about it so talk to me about your warm up.

How long do you warm up before a race?

What is your warm up routine?

I think this will be vital for me in my upcoming short races so I don’t end up rupturing my achilles!



13 thoughts on “Do You Warm Up?

  1. Yea for Hawaii!!! You so deserve this vacation!! I hope the house works out, too… It sounds like it would be so perfect. I do warm up before racing and hard workouts, but not before my regular runs… (I guess I just treat the first mile or two as a warm-up.) I usually jog around for about 12-15 minutes (1 1/2-2 miles) and then do some dynamic stretching… high knees, butt kickers, jumps, leg swings, and strides… touch my toes a few times and pay a little extra attention to anything that has been bugging me lately and as I get on the line I try and bounce around a little to stay loose. Smack my legs, go for another stride on the start line… that sort of stuff.
    You’re race is going to be so awesome! Big prayers for the achilles and the house. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think a short run and dynamic stretching is a GREAT idea! When I wake up in the morning my achilles is tight and sore and loosens up as I get into a run. If I warm up before the races next weekend I think it will be ok. I think after that I need to go on run rest again until I can get this injury completely healed. GRRRR!

  2. I’m so excited for your Maui trip! I hope your dang achilles cooperates and also that everything goes as planned with the house! Such exciting times for you and your beautiful family! Not that I have near the experience in running as you-but as I am figuring this running stuff out-I cannot “warm-up” before big runs, or workouts-. I too, like to lightly jog for the first 3-5 minutes and the I take off. On the treadmill, it kinda messes up my mileage time but I just have to recalc it in my head. By the way……..thanks for the inspiration! This running thing is fitting in a-ok with me! 🙂 Have a great trip girlie!

    1. Thanks, I hope so too! We have a lot going on at one time but it’s in Gods hands. If it works out we will be thrilled! I use my first mile or so on a regular run as warm up but before races I have just been stretching and going. With this dang achilles issue I think I am going to have to warm up or I might be in trouble. Your race is going to be here so soon! Yippeee!

  3. I stretch before I run, but I don’t really warm up. I have to run .5 of a mile, then cross a busy street, and I think of that as my warm up, but include it in my total mileage.

    Have a great trip!

  4. Hey good luck on the house sale! Also, I regarding the previous post…that is awesome you got on Sportscenter. I’ve always wanted to get on SC, but apparently they don’t televise me playing skeeball with a beer in one hand.

  5. Oh wonderful Hawaii! I’m so excited to hear about the vacay and the races!

    I definitely like to warm up for races and for speed work. I typically job 1.5-ish miles and then do strides and leg swings. Also butt-kickers and high knees. Wait sorry I just checked to see if my sis commented…and she already said all this stuff. Sorry, we’re kind of the same person…Also, you may want to skip the jumping-related warm up stuff until your achilles is fully better. The explosive movement usually hurt my inflamed achilles tendon worse.

    Okay, but here’s something different: you can also ice your achilles before you go out for a run. Just stick your foot in a bucket of ice. Some people might tell you to heat it beforehand, but I think icing it helps do two awesome things 1. Naturally numb some of the pain and 2. Draws out inflammation. Stretch it before you ice it. Then after, just lace up and go. I did this with mine, I think it helped.

    One last random though, I also like to stay loose by shaking my legs and doing a few arm swings, maybe even a few walking lunges. Just whatever I think might feel good at the moment.

    1. Thank you thank you! I did stretched, did leg swings and high knees this morning. Did help but my achilles was sore for the first mile before it loosened up. At my 5k and 1 mile race next weekend I am going to have to jog to warm up to get it to cooperate. Thank you for the great advice! I will for sure ice it before I run! CANT WAIT!

  6. OMG I can’t WAIT for Hawaii posts from you 😀 YAY for running in MAUI! I am soooooo proud of you but envious at the same time. I didn’t mind that there were no pictures in this post one bit 😀

    Oh and I have yet to run a race yet but I plan to warm up before it, b/c I do notice a difference when I warm up and when I don’t “technically” do it when I do my training runs. If I get a brisk walk then slow jog AND then run I am much more likely to feel good during the run, if I go straight into a light jog I just end up going faster and end up hurting too much. but hey, I’m new so maybe it’s just b/c of that??

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