Running, Rain and Baseball

Today’s Run

5 hilly miles: 36 minutes. It was very humid (got my run in between rain/lightening/thunder) and I ended up running this much faster than I wanted to. So what went wrong? My GPS signal dropped multiple times without me realizing it. I should have known something was wrong when I got to about one block before mile 3 and it said I was at 2.12. I thought it seemed off since I have run this route a zillion times and know exactly how far it is. I felt like I was sprinting and going nowhere. Like I was outside on a treadmill. Brutal! At one point I looked at my watch and it read a 9:24 pace. Huh? I just kept thinking to myself that it felt like the most crazy hard 9:24 pace EVER. Why the heck was 9:24 feeling hard? Because it wasn’t a 9:24 pace. I was at an average 7:12 pace. This is not what I wanted to do especially when I am battling with my Achilles. I am, however, thankful that I wasn’t getting my butt handed to me like I thought I was.

I am not perfect and this clearly proves I can be one of the biggest dufuses on the block. Yes “dufuses” is a word.

As Soon As I Got Home

The rain started again. Then came the lightning and thunder. We NEVER get summer storms so this was AWESOME. The kids were bouncing off the walls at the site of rain. Hilarious. They are so stinking So Cal it’s silly!

We had plans to go to the GIANTS game and the rain wasn’t going to stop us. We got our stuff together and headed down to the park to meet the fam bam to celebrate my mama’s birthday!



Annnnnnd they all fall down


All of us sat in the bleachers and a home run ball landed 2 rows in front of us in the first inning! Guess who ended up on TV? HECK YES! All 11 of us…well, almost. My sister-in-law was down in the sand checking on the kiddos. You know, some people just aren’t into the game…YET!

I am pretty sure my Mom got someone to take a picture of all of us. Hey Mom, once you upload it send it my way! I did try to get a shot of mi famiglia

Love it. Β That is a family portrait at it’s finest!

Hope you all had a fabulous labor day! Do we have to go back to work tomorrow?!? Nooooooooooooo…………………..



5 thoughts on “Running, Rain and Baseball

  1. Haha… what cute pictures! The one with all the cousins hugging on each other is my favorite!

    And dang, girl! You were flying on that run! I totally get your stress though and do the same thing. In fact, I only run with my Garmin when I don’t know the area, or I’m trying to map a new route, or I’m really feeling like I need to check my pace… because I don’t run according to what my body needs, but to try and match what I think I should be seeing on the watch. I just get way to competitive with myself.
    But you definitely did not get your butt handed to you… I think you pretty much laid it down!

    Let’s just skip work again, tomorrow!

  2. Seriously. I haven’t been to work in like 18 days. I am REALLY not looking forward to it.

    Those Nike watches seem to be really temperamental. They are certainly cooler-looking and not crazy bulky like my old Garmin, but the Garmins are really accurate.

  3. The kids are soo adorable!! πŸ™‚

    So looking forward to fall weather!! Looks like we are in for some fire danger, hot, humid weather for the next few days!

    Have a great week girlie! πŸ™‚ Maui next week!!!! YAY!

    1. Cannot wait for Maui! We have had rain for 2 straight days but it is WARM rain! It was 95 today w/rain and high humidity. ICK! I think we have red flag warnings tomorrow and then a cool down πŸ™‚ Yay!

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