Active Wrap: Bringing Sexy Back

Saturday’s Run

Went better than I expected. I ended up running 7 miles at an easy pace (avg 8:30) and was pain free the entire time. So glad I had my friend Stacey with me. If I was solo I probably would have only gone 5. As soon as we finished I strapped on my ActiveWrap and chillaxed. I looked completely ridiculous and got a lot of “Oooooooooh ouch, all ok?” comments from people all a good 10 years older than me. What? Ice pack ankles as big as my head are super sexy.

I slept in my ankle compression sleeve last night and am surprised that it’s not more sore today. YES! Now someone remind me that I cannot go run 15 miles yet no matter how bad I want too…

Post Run

We headed to the Texas Exes par-tay at the Tilted Kilt to watch the Longhorns take down Rice. If you didn’t already know LD hails from the great state of Texas. If you asked him to prioritize his life it would probably go like this: God, Family, Texas Football, all other Texas sports, then everything else in life. We have never missed a bowl game played within CA or AZ. The Texas vs. USC Rose Bowl game was the best game I have ever been to in my life. Hands down.

There was at least 200 people packed into the place and it was a BLAST. The kids could be as loud as they wanted and no one noticed they were there. IT WAS LOUD…and completely awesome.

They do love each other that much. It’s darling. 

And Just In Case You Were Wondering

The laundry room still looks like a bomb exploded in it. I couldn’t help myself and went and checked an hour ago. I cannot freaking believe it still looks like that. I am not cleaning it up. I REFUSE.

Happy Birthday To My Momma Who Turns A Young 52 Today! Happy Birthday!!


8 thoughts on “Active Wrap: Bringing Sexy Back

  1. I’m so glad you were able to bust out 7 miles pain free! My achilles was acting up a bit last night and this morning… I made sure to get my ice and stretching on and whew… it’s feeling much better tonight.
    Your little kiddos are so cute!
    And happy birthday to your rock star mom!

    1. No Achilles injuries allowed! I iced and stretched again after a short run this morning. Going to take the next few days off. It’s not painful but it is stiff. You know, like an annoying ankle sprain that refuses to get better! That is how it feels!

  2. Ok, your little Italian Mama is younger than mine!! 52?! She was almost born in the 60s! My crazy pasaino mother is 57 and I thought she was young for having a 33 yr old daughter. I wonder if your Italian nona is also super young (mine is 75 – turns 76 in December).

    1. Your mama IS young!!! Ok, do our families know one another? I wouldn’t be surprised! If my nona was still alive she would have turned 70 on September 1st. She went to heaven in ’97…waaaaay to young!

  3. I love the pic of your two cuties hugging 😀 ❤ AND my mom is 53 and although she is cool I've never seen her rock out on guitar hero or rock band like yours! AWESOME

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