Giveaway winner, emails, celebrity chat…

Today’s Run: 2 mi w/u, 6×400 (400m RI), C/D. TM Run, varying incline from .5%-2%. Total miles: 6

Giveaway Winner:

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AMY! Congrats girl. Email me at and let me know what candles you want. I will take a picture and post it here before it gets mailed off to you 🙂

Pre-Race Emails:

The past week I have been getting blasted with pre-race emails. I thought it was weird because usually there is one “final” email and then one from photogs reminding runners to “SMILE :)”.

I read each one word for word making sure I have my ducks in a row for this weekend. Then this morning when I got yet another one I was confused. Why am I getting bombed with so many emails for one race. Then it dawned on me…they are for 2 different races. DUH. I wonder when I would have noticed that they are giving completely different instructions…I swear I was reading them!!! Maybe I was skimming…or maybe I should put my glasses on instead of squinting.

It’s a good thing I figured it our or I may have gone to La Jolla on Sunday morning instead of bus pick up at the Zoo!

Strength Training:

It’s been awhile since I did a strength training post. I am gathering together some recent workouts and will do a post sometime this week! I may also include some speed work info. I read an awesome article yesterday about the benefits of speed work on a treadmill! I thought this would be great info to share as many people will benefit from this type of training during the winter when runners tend to stay indoors…unless you live in So Cal!

Star Struck? Moi?:

I am not one that gets super star struck. Well, maybe sometimes. Many of my clients are celebrities so getting to talk to someone I LOVE is not out of the ordinary. However, this morning I texted LD when we received a report from a super celeb. I WAS SO INTRIGUED! Probably because this person is educated and had worked hard for years. This person never had anything handed to him/her. I so WISH I could tell you who it is!! I have a signed confidentiality agreement so I am not allowed to talk about my clients. My company is smart like that.

Speaking of celebs, do you all consider reality stars celebrities? Should they be viewed as equals to A-listers? We all know I love reality TV but that is because it’s mindless entertainment. Not because the people on them are fabulous actors. It is amazing to me the demands that some of them make to get paid the big bucks…and they do!! What am I doing working my butt off for my salary when I could make it in just one episode of a “reality show…”

Monday Anouncement, Running, Ya know the normal stuff


Giveaway Scoop:

If you haven’t entered my GIVEAWAY yet, what are you waiting for? Get on it!


Monday Announcement:

The Rock Church Domestic Violence Ministry is hosting a 5k race this October! If you are in Southern California I urge you to sign up for this race. All proceeds will go towards victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This is a very worthy cause and this race is going to be a TON OF FUN! There will be a kid zone, goodie bags, raffles, food, music…hanging out with ME!

When: October 15, 2011 8 am

Where: NTC Park @ Liberty Station, Point Loma

Divisions:   5K : (A) Elite (<5min/mi),  (B) Adult (16-39), (C) Masters (40+), (D) Youth (9-15 yrs), (FY5) Forever Young (60+) 100 Meter: (E) 1-2 yrs old, (F) 3-4 yrs old, (G) 5-6 yrs old, (H) 7-8 yrs old  (FY100) Forever Young (60+)

Cost: Adult Race $25; Kids Race $15

Awards: Top 3 in every division (male/female), Best Costume: 1) Sci_Fi  2) Most Creative  (3) Funniest  (4) Best Super Hero

Ready to register? Click HERE !

Not interested in racing but you want to volunteer? Click HERE to download a volunteer registration form!


This will be a low-key fun event. If you have never run a 5k race what are you waiting for?!?!

Recent Runs:

Saturday: 10 miles

Today: 4 miles

After Thursday’s run I didn’t realize how tired my legs would be. Saturday felt hard. It was overcast which was nice but the humidity got to me. That and this weird thing that wants to be a cold that I have going on. You know when you feel like you have to constantly clear your throat?  HATE IT. Started on Thursday morning and it just starting to go away today. At least my raspy voice is getting me sympathy at work. I’ll take it.

I will likely take it easy this week since AFC is on Sunday! Wahoo! This is the last race of the Triple Crown. So excited to be done with this series. I want my legs to be ready to run. Plus post race I have a fantasy football draft to be at and I need to be on my “A” GAME!

Countdown to Maui…4 weeks from Friday!!!


Ready to FALL back…ok I know it’s a bit early

But really I love Fall/Winter. It’s my favorite time of year. I am one of those weirdos that would gladly cut summer out all together and just have Spring, Fall and Winter. It was 70 and breezy today and it downright felt like fall. I was in love with today.

Now that football has started that means Fall will be here soon! YES! Life as we know it is AWESOME.

To celebrate the total radness known as Fall let’s have a random, not super awesome but full of love giveaway. YAAAHHHOOOOO!


Hello candles! I love lighting candles when it’s cool outside. There is something so comforting about candle light. Plus, they smell good! Winner will get 3 mini candles and will be able to choose from Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie or Autumn. All 3 smell so good but I know everyone has their preferences.

What else goes with candle light? Cocoa!

Winner will get the Land O Lakes sampler that includes Raspberry Hot Cocoa, White Chocolate Hot Cocoa and Mint Hot Cocoa. These are a treat and are soooo good!!

I will also throw in a surprise little homemade craft goody that I am working on. It will not disappoint!

I know in most places it feels like summer but I am going to get you people on board for FALL!

I know this is my running/random blog so let me try to tie it in somehow…hmmmm…k ready?

If you want in respond to this post and tell me:

**What you have planned for your weekend/upcoming week workout. I will keep this open until Tuesday morning. Winner will be announced Tuesday afternoon!

In the meantime I will try to send our cooler weather to other parts of the US!


Weekend…need weekend!

F-f-f-FRIDAY!!!!! YES! Maybe I will be able to get my act together this weekend and be back in action in the blog world. We shall see!

I overslept this morning so today was an unplanned yet very welcomed rest day. After signing all of the docs to SELL our CASA last night, H-Man decided to try to pull an all nighter. Really? Really? COME ON MAN! Once we finally got him to hit the hay the little princess had a wardrobe malfunction in the bathroom. Total meltdown mode. It’s difficult to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with 2 tutus on. Yes we let her sleep in that. She loves it. It’s not a battle worth fighting!

I will be running with my peeps in the AM so if any of you are interested in group running come check us out! We have all different ability levels and would love for you to join us! Send me an email if you are interested. Tomorrow’s distance options are 1,3,5 or 10 miles.

And….the giveaway announcement will come after lunch today (I promise). Is anyone else ready for this?

If not it’s time to get into Fall mode. I am done with summer. Bring on my favorite time of year!!


Losing track of days…

Wait, it’s Thursday? Really?! SHOOT! Where did Tuesday and Wednesday go?! Dang, I have been a busy gal. Between work and getting the house ready to go on the MARKET (YEAH!!!) I can’t keep track of my days.

This week’s workouts:

Mon: 6.2 miles

Tues: 4 miles

Weds: Rest

Thurs: 11 miles in 1:16! Now, lets not get crazy. It was on the TM (w/incline) so I was forced to keep my pace. Although I was able to do it without the “I’m dying” feeling so that IS encouraging! The most annoying part of this run was having the TM shut off at 60 min and having to restart it. There is a zillion TM’s at my gym. The least they could do it take the governor off. Starting and stopping is no bueno.

Tomorrow will be a strength training day followed by a hard run on Saturday. This will be my last chance to pace with Ryan before AFC. He is a great person to train with because he knows just when and how hard to push another runner. He tells me when I go out to fast or when I am running too slow as an excuse (TRUE). I just like that he gives me an honest opinion on whether or not I can meet/exceed goals I have set for myself. This guy can RUN. And when I say RUN I mean RUNNNNNNNN (think 2:30 marathoner). I think he should be a coach but he has no interest in doing it.


Ahhhh my brain has been so scrambled that I forgot…IT’S JERSDAY! Man, bummer! I need a vacay…only 5 weeks til Maui.

I will still post a giveaway this afternoon so at least we have that going for us!

See y’all in a bit.

OH….one last thing. Go check out JANAE’S blog. She is featuring guest posts this week and last night I made THIS DESERT and it turned out SOOOOO GOOD. I have already created my own twist on it for fall/winter treats. Can’t wait to share with you all!

Bread + Coffee = Bliss

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


On Saturday I got the kiddos out of bed bright and early and we headed down to Harbor Island to help provide aid to runners/walkers. I really wish I had remembered my camera. BAD MAMA and BAD BLOGGER! We set up a table (on a bench) and had water, Gatorade, cheez-its, m&m’s, pretzels and jolly ranchers. I just realized that it sounds more like 7-11 than an aid station. It felt so weird to not be running on a Saturday morning but I liked getting to kick back and drink coffee and help out. It felt awesome when a random runner just couldn’t believe that we were providing free aid! The big smiles and happy reactions were PRICELESS!

Once we were done we headed to CON PANE for breakfast. If you are in SD or vacation here you NEED to go to this place! This is an artisan bread cafe with ginormous sandwiches, brioche cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies and breads that will melt in your mouth. Chocolate bread roll with coffee? YES PLEASE!

(Photo Cred: The Fresh Loaf)

The kids split a raisin cinnamon roll that was as big as my face. Not kidding. It was hot out of the oven and heavenly. My chocolate bread roll literally melted in my mouth. Not sure if it’s because I dunked it in my coffee before every bite or if it’s because it was fresh outta the oven. Or both.  All I know is that I semi-wished I ran so that I could have had twice the amount of goodness. Tee-hee!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the parentals for a dinner cookout. My Dad qued up wild Alaskan salmon and prosciutto wrapped asparagus that was 5-star restaurant status. Did I eat like a queen this weekend or what?

Yesterday was chill time and LD returned from recording. He said that they got everything but the harmonies done which is pretty stinking impressive. If I can figure out how to link some of their new songs here I will. They also have new shirts for sale that I think y’all will LOVE. Deets coming soon!


Today’s Run: 6.2 miles: 50 min

Did I tell you guys that I have been dealing with a tight left calf? I am not sure what the deal is but it lead to some slight soreness in my left Achilles this weekend. I was glad that I had to take Sat and Sun off running to let it heal. This morning it was a tad sore to start so I decided to take it easy. About .25 in the soreness went away but my calf still felt pretty tight. I am going to try to use the stick 3-4 times a day on it this week to see if it helps. I don’t want to overstretch and end up making my Achilles mad. The last thing I want to deal with tendonitis! NO NO NO!

Needless to say I axed out my usual Monday speed work and will focus more on easy runs this week.

What is on the agenda for your Monday workout?

Does anyone have any suggestions for my calf tightness?

Water girl

Today’s Run: 10.25 miles, 1:17:xx

I so wish I had time to do at least 12 this morning. Argh, darn work! Always interrupting my training…or what I call training. LD is off recording this weekend (yes the hubs is a rockstar) so no long run for me in the a.m. Instead me and the mini-me’s will be rocking the aid station out on Harbor Island! Sooooo if you happen to be running in my territory tomorrow stop by and say hi and get hydrated! Yes us Rock Runners provide love for the entire community. I know, we are awesome like that.

Besides, who can say no to these peeps?:

They are so excited to “give the runners a quick drink so they are not shirsty.”

I have been on a major baking kick lately which is weird since it’s summer. During the fall/winter I am always inspired to bake because it just feels right. You know, cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, banana bread…I’m torturing myself right now. Anyway, it just doesn’t seem right to turn the oven on when it’s nearly 90 degrees outside. Yet I plan on baking oatmeal raisin cookies on Sunday. Go figure.

Do you bake during the summer?

~Apparently I do now!

What are your weekend plans?!


Wednesday’s Run: 6 mile tempo (2 easy, 2 @ 7:04, 2 easy)

Thursday: REST (Major work meetings followed by company picnic. Good times)


It’s JEERRRRSSSDDDAAAAAYYYYYY! I am so ready for my favorite pisans to be back. Total Thursday night entertainment (or Friday thank you DVR). Ahhhhh! This also means it is time to bring back our T-SHIRT TIME tradition starting next week! Email me your photos of funny shirts and the best will make the blog every Thursday.

For instance, this would absolutely make ttttt-sssshhiiirrrtttt tiiimmeeeeee

Photo Credit: 2modern Blog

I too would freak out if a cow sounded like Darth Vader. You get it. Now keep your peepers open for funny ish and send it my way. We can all end next week on a good laugh…and maybe even a giveaway. It’s been awhile!


I told you all that I won a pair of Brooks at the Road Runner Sports adventure run in July. I added the Defyance 4’s to my rotation last week and am really liking them. I have run in these shoes before but in the WRONG size which led to a bad experience. MY BAD! I am really liking these shoes and am actually preferring them for longer runs! Thank you RRS!



The countdown to our Maui Vacation has begun!!!! Waaahooooooooooo!!!! LD and I have not had a real vacation in 5 YEARS! YES 5 YEARS!!! We get a WHOLE WEEK off!!!!

Have you been to Maui? Or Hawaii?

~ This is our first trip!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations? (We are big fish eaters)

~ So far I have been told to visit O & O Farms, The General Store and Mama’s Fish House


Reality Tuesday…our last bach tawk!

Monday’s Workout: 2.5 mi w/u, 3×1600 @ 6:35 (1 min RI), 1 mi c/d (Total kick butt repeats while watching Saved By The Bell)

Tuesday’s Workout:  25 min spin, 45 min strength training (Felt a little lazy this morning but pulled it off)



Photo Cred: ABC

Man, I’m good. ABC tried to edit the show to make it look like she was going to pick Ben. Especially after her sister disapproved of JP. 

I felt bad for Ben. He was really shocked. SHOCKED! I appreciated his sincere reaction when she told him he was not the one. So many times the guys/gals hold back because of the cameras. He didn’t. I cannot imagine what he was feeling. He must have been embarrassed, sad, angry, etc. Poor guy. At least he kept it real and went out with his dignity.

Did anyone watch the after show? I fell asleep before JP came out. I’ll have to catch up on Hulu!

The big question: WILL ASHLEY AND JP LAST? Most of my peeps in the office say NO. Why? They think he will be possessive! What do you think? Will these two make it?


In running news…

I have 2 races coming up this month. The AFC Half is on August 21st

And the End of Summer Fire 4 miler is August 28th

AFC is the last half in the Triple Crown Series. I have a feeling it’s going to be a cooker and really need to prep myself for hot/sticky weather. Most people don’t know that it actually does get HOT in San Diego. It’s a myth that it is 70 degrees year round. In August/September we see temps get into the mid 80s at the beach and mid 90s inland. The humidity (although not the same as the East Coast) can be brutal at times. I am thankful that this race is close to the coast so there is a chance of the breeze off of the water. Remember I am a super weather wimp! That’s what living here has done to me (I have to blame it on something).

The End of Summer 4 miler is going to be a FUN RACE! It starts in La Jolla and ends in Pacific Beach. This should be a flat, fast race with good times to be had at the finish line. I have never done a 4 mile race and am looking forward to it! Registration is still open so if you are looking for something to do on 08/28 sign up!


I got asked this morning how I balance work, family and running. Honestly most of the time I HAVE NO IDEA. My mom says I burn the candle at both ends. She is probably RIGHT!

During the week my alarm goes off at 4:15 a.m. After about 10 minutes of confusion I get my butt in gear and am out the door. I typically run/crosstrain/strength train until 6-6:15. I then head home and make sure everyone is waking up. I shower, put the coffee on and pack lunches. While this is going on LD is usually getting the kids dressed. After I make sure that we are all ready to go I take the kids to school and then head to work. I usually get to the office at 8 and then total madness begins. I work my hiney off until 4:30-4:45 and then leave to pick the kids up. Once home it’s dinner time!My work cell phone continues to blow up until 6:30ish and I try to ignore it if possible. After dinner it’s bath, books, bed for the kids. By this time I am usually exhausted. Once the kids are in bed it’s time to clean up the house and eventually chill. Now you understand why I LOVE mindless entertainment!! That and the weekend. Ahhhh sleeping past 5 am is AWESOME.

So, for those moms who say “I just don’t have time to exercise” that’s bogus. YOU DO. You just have to make the time. EVEN IF ITS BEFORE SUNRISE. Happy mom = happy family. Period. Now I am not saying it’s easy. It can be EXHAUSTING. My kids are still little (2 1/2 and 4) and are not involved in 17 after school activities. When they are older things will likely change. One thing is for sure I will always make time to take care of ME. How can I be a good example to my family/kids if I don’t?