reRun Running. No, I’m not talking about What’s Happening?!…or am I?

Have You Ever

Read  the reRunRunning blog? If you haven’t you need to head over NOW! No it doesn’t feature Fred “ReRun” Berry. Jessica and Cecily are beautiful sisters with a passion for family and, well, RUNNING! They both ran cross country for BYU (and laid it down) and now blog about everything from running to moving across the country from one another. I am telling you I love this blog and you will too!

Jessica just posted some AMAZING info on stretching and strengthening your Achilles tendon!! 

Since Tuesday

I got an easy 4 miler in pain free but am still feeling some tightness in my Achilles this morning. My interior shin splint in my right leg is gone (praise GOD) so now I am going to focus on getting my heel better. Yesterday was a complete rest day and today I am headed to DISNEYLAND for the day! Yes again. Living only an hour and fifteen minutes (or so) from the park leads to several visits a year. The kids are out of control this morning. Seriously, it is one place that I would miss if we ever moved away from SoCal!

So The Plan Is

Touch and go and see how my heel feels tomorrow morning. I am scheduled to run the End Of Fire Summer 4-miler on Sunday but if the Achilles is acting up I may just be a spectator. 

For now I’m headed to the happiest place on earth with mi famiglia!

It's a Bugs Life!



5 thoughts on “reRun Running. No, I’m not talking about What’s Happening?!…or am I?

  1. I am going through achilles problems too, it bums me out. Mine started really hurting back at the end of July. SInce then I have been opting for the pool, elliptical and bike instead of running. I think I may be overcautious, but I teach and I am on my feet the whole day and the last thing I need is to have surgery. I attempted to run today and managed a mile and a half with no pain, just stiffness. I have heard it is a nasty little thing.

    1. I am so sorry you are going through the same thing! Boo! Mine feels stiff too. The soreness is post running. I dont feel it when I walk but I can if I get up on my tip toes or stretch. Seriously my luck has been horrific this year. I finally got rid of the PF and now this. I love running but our relationship is on the rocks right now. I envy those who can run 20 miles per day and never get injured!

  2. Running is such a fickle friend sometimes when injury gets into the mix… I’m so sorry for both of you! I seriously wish I could punch injuries in the face… they make me so mad. So, I have a question… do either of you feel like pins or pinching in your heel? or like a crinkling sensation or even sound? Or is it just stiffness?

    1. No pins or pinching or crinkling sound. It’s stiff and sore- just like a sore muscle. I only feel it if I pinch it or if I am up on my tip toes. Being a forefoot striker I can feel it just at the start of a run and then it goes away…only to come back after I am done. I am so bummed!

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