2 thoughts on “IMG_6572

  1. You did great! I lost it at mile 9 my first time running this race. I waited too long to fuel and it took me a while to get back into it. I talked to a couple other people and they lost it at the end also. The last two miles are the toughest and even more so if it was hot and humid! I’m glad I got to see you along the way and can’t wait for our run on Sunday!

    1. I did fuel too late. DUMB! I just lost track and by the time I took my gel I realized I should have done it around mile 6.5. Lesson learned! It was so great to see you! It lifted my spirits for sure.

      Icing and resting the achilles for the next few days. It’s sore. Can’t wait for Sunday! 4 miles is sounding like a good race distance right about now!

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