AFC Half Marathon Recap and kicking myself

The Weekend Started 

With me going to the AFC expo on Friday night. I figured it would be less crowded and with pending dinner plans I couldn’t wander around and blow money. I headed to the harbor and picked up my bib and another shirt to add to the collection

The front is not so bad
Not a fan of the logo

I got in and got out. Felt good not to walk out with a butt ton of bags full of things I do not need.


Ended up at Costco throwing everything in sight into the cart. It had been way too long since the last trip. I mean a huge bag of Craisins and two GINORMO jars of Nutella should be staples in every household!

Saturday night turned into me starting to go into panic mode that my longest run since June was only 11 miles. Most people get their stuff together the night before a race. I go into freak out mode while attempting to make sure I have everything ready. I am pretty good at coming up with 7,232,456,789 reasons to throw in the towel. Remember, I am TERRIBLE at racing.

I ate dinner, set the alarm for 4 am and then proceeded to deal with Miss Sassy Pants (my youngest) go to battle with her bed. For whatever reason she decided she would rather camp on the couch. Camping in the living room is super fun, but not on nights that I actually need to sleep. Silly girl!

Sunday Race Day

Alarm goes off at 4 and I hit snooze twice. I finally drag my butt out of bed, eat a banana while getting ready and head out the door. I caught the bust at 5:15 and headed to the start. I think it took us 25 min or so to get there. Unloaded around 5:45 and found my peeps. So glad they were there, otherwise, it would have been a looooong 1:15 min wait for the start!

As I stretched I had a goal in mind of 1:42. I figured it wasn’t too unreasonable other than I hadn’t done too many outside runs and the longest was 11 miles. Yes I had been working on speed but I am a HEADCASE runner that couldn’t stop thinking about how I should have run more outside. I know, its torture. After prayer and devotion I decided a little motivation on the hand would help. I channeled EMZ and crossed my fingers

Gun went off…and I went out too fast. SHOCKER. I should have moved farther back so that I would be forced to start slow. The first 3 miles were rolling hills. I felt good and tried to hold my pace as I knew there was a long downhill ahead. I saw my RPIC at mile 3 working the water station. It was so good to see her! I hit mile 4 at a 7:04 pace and wanted to smack myself. I guess I was a little excited!

I slowed it down and got comfortable at a 7:30 pace for the next 4.5 miles.  I took a gel getting close to 9 and at that point I realized I was getting tired. I hung onto my pace through 10 and felt major slowdown coming on at 11. At that time a girl from my running group caught me and said she was hurting. I knew we were about to hit a giant climb and she asked if I wanted to 30/30 with her. At this point I knew 1:42 was out of the window so I said heck yes! We did 30/30 for the entire climb. 

At 12.5 we were flat and it was time to run. We had lost a LOT of time on the hill so it was time to get our butts in gear. The humidity was high and the sun was out and I was ready to finish. I turned my iPod on and just ran.

Holy crazy calf muscle

I crossed the finish line in 1:47:02.  8:10 pace. A new PR.

I should be celebrating right?! Although I am happy to have PR’d I am disappointed in myself. I gave up- the opposite of what should happen at the end of a race. At the time I should be throwing it down I was throwing in the towel. How did I hold a 7:30 average through 11 and end with an 8:10? I JUST LOST IT. It’s that simple. I was thankful for my girlfriend who ran in with me! What an awesome gal. 

Best part of my day? Seeing my family with big smiles at the finish telling me that I rocked! Oh and getting my triple crown medal!

Me and the kiddos

Post Race

I had to get over myself because it was silly to be mad and celebrate. We headed to the Station Tavern and Burger Joint to eat lunch and participate in the annual FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT! I don’t remember how good my food was because I am pretty sure I inhaled it. We got into the draft and I have a GREAT team! I won 2 years ago and I think I have a great shot at taking back my title…watch out OBRRFL! 





14 thoughts on “AFC Half Marathon Recap and kicking myself

  1. I think had you done a 12 or 13 rather than 11, maybe you wouldn’t have crashed as early. But it’s freaking amazing that you ran 7:30 pace for 11 miles! Seriously.

    1. You are completely right. I should have gone out slower knowing that I wasn’t ready to hold that pace for 13. Ah, oh well. Sore left achilles this morning = need a running break. At least this weekends race is 4 miler- I can ditch it if I need to!

    1. Ahhh congrats on your PR!!! Coming up A St to 6th St was so much harder than I thought it would be. I knew it was a climb but mentally I was done done done!

      Can’t wait to read your recap!!!

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