Ready to run and an offer!

Today’s Run: Easy 3 miler that felt anything but easy

Why Is It:

That the last easy runs before a race feel hard? It must have something to do with taper, right? Or maybe it’s just a total mental game! If you are a headcase runner like me taper brings on all kinds of drama. Like soreness, maybe an undiscovered injury, a slight cold, you know all things SABOTAGE! LOL! It is totally ridiculous and is why I will always be your AVERAGE runner and NOT an elite! Elite runners are FAST know how to adjust, average people like me just try for even splits and turn into this the morning of a race

But bad runs right before a race usually mean good is to come right? That means Sunday could bring a little of this

An Offer:

Came in on or place last night! The buyer offered our asking price and now we just need to pray that it all works out. I did NOT think this would happen so fast. The house hasn’t even been on the market for a WEEK! Now starts the waiting game. Just because an offer came in doesn’t mean we are out of the woods. TIME FOR SUPER PRAYERS!

Who wouldn’t want this place right?

I mean it is a cute little house! I might even miss it a little. It was the first house that LD and I bought when we got married. It will always hold a special place in my heart. But it is time to move along. The kids CANNOT wait.

And Now

We need to figure out where we are going to live. We want to rent for a while until we decide on where exactly we want to be. We love SD so if our work is here we will stay; but if work takes us to another place we are ok with that too! The kids could care less as long as H has a “superhero room” and S gets her “princess room with mostly Ariel.” Ahhhh to be a kid again!


2 thoughts on “Ready to run and an offer!

  1. Where might your or LD’s job take you? Out of state? Hopefully everything will work out with the sale! I wish we could put ours on the market and get it sold that quickly! Gives me hope!

    1. Hi Friend! I miss you! He got laid off two weeks ago when his company closed down their SD office. Oy! 2nd layoff in 2.5 years. Thankfully the good lord has been blessing us with so many good things in this time of trial, It’s amazing how something that seems so awful turns out to be a total blessing! So, who knows where we will end up but as of now we will be renting- maybe in the Encinitas area!

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