Giveaway winner, emails, celebrity chat…

Today’s Run: 2 mi w/u, 6×400 (400m RI), C/D. TM Run, varying incline from .5%-2%. Total miles: 6

Giveaway Winner:

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AMY! Congrats girl. Email me at and let me know what candles you want. I will take a picture and post it here before it gets mailed off to you 🙂

Pre-Race Emails:

The past week I have been getting blasted with pre-race emails. I thought it was weird because usually there is one “final” email and then one from photogs reminding runners to “SMILE :)”.

I read each one word for word making sure I have my ducks in a row for this weekend. Then this morning when I got yet another one I was confused. Why am I getting bombed with so many emails for one race. Then it dawned on me…they are for 2 different races. DUH. I wonder when I would have noticed that they are giving completely different instructions…I swear I was reading them!!! Maybe I was skimming…or maybe I should put my glasses on instead of squinting.

It’s a good thing I figured it our or I may have gone to La Jolla on Sunday morning instead of bus pick up at the Zoo!

Strength Training:

It’s been awhile since I did a strength training post. I am gathering together some recent workouts and will do a post sometime this week! I may also include some speed work info. I read an awesome article yesterday about the benefits of speed work on a treadmill! I thought this would be great info to share as many people will benefit from this type of training during the winter when runners tend to stay indoors…unless you live in So Cal!

Star Struck? Moi?:

I am not one that gets super star struck. Well, maybe sometimes. Many of my clients are celebrities so getting to talk to someone I LOVE is not out of the ordinary. However, this morning I texted LD when we received a report from a super celeb. I WAS SO INTRIGUED! Probably because this person is educated and had worked hard for years. This person never had anything handed to him/her. I so WISH I could tell you who it is!! I have a signed confidentiality agreement so I am not allowed to talk about my clients. My company is smart like that.

Speaking of celebs, do you all consider reality stars celebrities? Should they be viewed as equals to A-listers? We all know I love reality TV but that is because it’s mindless entertainment. Not because the people on them are fabulous actors. It is amazing to me the demands that some of them make to get paid the big bucks…and they do!! What am I doing working my butt off for my salary when I could make it in just one episode of a “reality show…”


4 thoughts on “Giveaway winner, emails, celebrity chat…

  1. Look at you!! I must say I was jealous of you today. Want to know who I got to talk to today?? A bunch of people that could care less about celebs and care about selling computer chips. 🙂 Are you SUPER jealous??

    1. That should be the only moment of wishing you worked for me, lol! You heard my phone blowing up when we were chatting. Sorry for cutting you off!! It was a hectic day. At least we have a lunch meeting today- bring on the sushi!!

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