Dinner outdoors

When Selling A House:

People like to come during the week and look right during the dinner hour. I figure it’s because they are working peeps (like us) and go from the office out house hunting. It’s hard because we don’t want to cook a smelly dinner and stink up the place. Then again if you pick dinner time to look at a house you should expect that people might be eating. Especially people with 2 small kids. Tonight was one of those nights so instead of having to worry about cooking/cleaning we packed a dinner picnic and took it outdoors!

Picnic At The Park:

Convincing children that they must eat before playing
Smile mooommmmyyyyyyy
We love our Abby dog

The Best Part Of The Picnic:

Is when the sun goes down, we HAVE to put on a light jacket and there are NO bugs. Total reminders of why we moved to So Cal in the first place. We waited until just after 7 to head home. We stopped at Golden Spoon on the way and came home to a sparkling clean house. So NOT normal for us!

PLEASE LET US GET AN OFFER ON OUR PLACE!!! If we don’t HGTV may be hearing from me.


10 thoughts on “Dinner outdoors

  1. What an awesome night, I WISH!! I’m feeling yucky today, we did pick up dinner on our way to Sam’s club. Now I have a counter full of food and a mountain of dishes waiting for me. I am protesting for now. Do you think it will go away?

  2. Nicolie, I pray every day for an offer on our house. It’s going to happen my dear. It’s going to happen!!!!
    Love you~

  3. My husband and I have been house hunting a bit lately and we always go in the early evening… right about dinner time. We don’t have kids yet, so I’ve never thought about how annoying that must be… oops.

    1. Trust me, before I had kids I would have never had a second thought about it! I am pretty sure when we bought this place we looked at it on a week night 🙂 The kids think we are the radest parents ever right now! Dinner at the park, dinner at the zoo, dinner out…we told them they better not get used to it!

    1. Picnics are so fun! Especially when we get the great weather that we have been having. I can’t believe it is going to be 60 at race start on Sunday. So NOT the norm for an August morning!

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