Weekend…need weekend!

F-f-f-FRIDAY!!!!! YES! Maybe I will be able to get my act together this weekend and be back in action in the blog world. We shall see!

I overslept this morning so today was an unplanned yet very welcomed rest day. After signing all of the docs to SELL our CASA last night, H-Man decided to try to pull an all nighter. Really? Really? COME ON MAN! Once we finally got him to hit the hay the little princess had a wardrobe malfunction in the bathroom. Total meltdown mode. It’s difficult to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with 2 tutus on. Yes we let her sleep in that. She loves it. It’s not a battle worth fighting!

I will be running with my peeps in the AM so if any of you are interested in group running come check us out! We have all different ability levels and would love for you to join us! Send me an email if you are interested. Tomorrow’s distance options are 1,3,5 or 10 miles.

And….the giveaway announcement will come after lunch today (I promise). Is anyone else ready for this?

If not it’s time to get into Fall mode. I am done with summer. Bring on my favorite time of year!!



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