Losing track of days…

Wait, it’s Thursday? Really?! SHOOT! Where did Tuesday and Wednesday go?! Dang, I have been a busy gal. Between work and getting the house ready to go on the MARKET (YEAH!!!) I can’t keep track of my days.

This week’s workouts:

Mon: 6.2 miles

Tues: 4 miles

Weds: Rest

Thurs: 11 miles in 1:16! Now, lets not get crazy. It was on the TM (w/incline) so I was forced to keep my pace. Although I was able to do it without the “I’m dying” feeling so that IS encouraging! The most annoying part of this run was having the TM shut off at 60 min and having to restart it. There is a zillion TM’s at my gym. The least they could do it take the governor off. Starting and stopping is no bueno.

Tomorrow will be a strength training day followed by a hard run on Saturday. This will be my last chance to pace with Ryan before AFC. He is a great person to train with because he knows just when and how hard to push another runner. He tells me when I go out to fast or when I am running too slow as an excuse (TRUE). I just like that he gives me an honest opinion on whether or not I can meet/exceed goals I have set for myself. This guy can RUN. And when I say RUN I mean RUNNNNNNNN (think 2:30 marathoner). I think he should be a coach but he has no interest in doing it.


Ahhhh my brain has been so scrambled that I forgot…IT’S JERSDAY! Man, bummer! I need a vacay…only 5 weeks til Maui.

I will still post a giveaway this afternoon so at least we have that going for us!

See y’all in a bit.

OH….one last thing. Go check out JANAE’S blog. She is featuring guest posts this week and last night I made THIS DESERT and it turned out SOOOOO GOOD. I have already created my own twist on it for fall/winter treats. Can’t wait to share with you all!


4 thoughts on “Losing track of days…

  1. I love that shirt and if I was running the pace you did today I would for sure be passing out. 🙂

    Going to market, yippy!

  2. that is crazy fast for 11 miles! I’ve for sure never run 11 miles at a sub-7:00 pace while training. and on an incline!? wow. get thee to a half-marathon, you will hit like a 1:25 with this kind of training!

    p.s. are you watching Bachelor Pad? will I be getting recaps?

    1. There is no way on planet earth I could run a 1:25! I would have to train like this for months and then pace with someone 🙂 I am the WORST when it comes to racing. I don’t know why but I am a total headcase runner. I could train and train and train and get fast and then I BLOW come race day. I am coming to the realization that I am meant to just run and not race 🙂

      I AM watching BACH PAD!!! OMGosh the DRAMA! Even LD is hooked. Kermit the Frog and Vienna are a TRAIN WRECK! I will admit that GIA bugs me. I wish she didn’t because I like her (and she shares her name with ny Mom) but she is a sneaky one!

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