Bread + Coffee = Bliss

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


On Saturday I got the kiddos out of bed bright and early and we headed down to Harbor Island to help provide aid to runners/walkers. I really wish I had remembered my camera. BAD MAMA and BAD BLOGGER! We set up a table (on a bench) and had water, Gatorade, cheez-its, m&m’s, pretzels and jolly ranchers. I just realized that it sounds more like 7-11 than an aid station. It felt so weird to not be running on a Saturday morning but I liked getting to kick back and drink coffee and help out. It felt awesome when a random runner just couldn’t believe that we were providing free aid! The big smiles and happy reactions were PRICELESS!

Once we were done we headed to CON PANE for breakfast. If you are in SD or vacation here you NEED to go to this place! This is an artisan bread cafe with ginormous sandwiches, brioche cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies and breads that will melt in your mouth. Chocolate bread roll with coffee? YES PLEASE!

(Photo Cred: The Fresh Loaf)

The kids split a raisin cinnamon roll that was as big as my face. Not kidding. It was hot out of the oven and heavenly. My chocolate bread roll literally melted in my mouth. Not sure if it’s because I dunked it in my coffee before every bite or if it’s because it was fresh outta the oven. Or both.  All I know is that I semi-wished I ran so that I could have had twice the amount of goodness. Tee-hee!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the parentals for a dinner cookout. My Dad qued up wild Alaskan salmon and prosciutto wrapped asparagus that was 5-star restaurant status. Did I eat like a queen this weekend or what?

Yesterday was chill time and LD returned from recording. He said that they got everything but the harmonies done which is pretty stinking impressive. If I can figure out how to link some of their new songs here I will. They also have new shirts for sale that I think y’all will LOVE. Deets coming soon!


Today’s Run: 6.2 miles: 50 min

Did I tell you guys that I have been dealing with a tight left calf? I am not sure what the deal is but it lead to some slight soreness in my left Achilles this weekend. I was glad that I had to take Sat and Sun off running to let it heal. This morning it was a tad sore to start so I decided to take it easy. About .25 in the soreness went away but my calf still felt pretty tight. I am going to try to use the stick 3-4 times a day on it this week to see if it helps. I don’t want to overstretch and end up making my Achilles mad. The last thing I want to deal with tendonitis! NO NO NO!

Needless to say I axed out my usual Monday speed work and will focus more on easy runs this week.

What is on the agenda for your Monday workout?

Does anyone have any suggestions for my calf tightness?


3 thoughts on “Bread + Coffee = Bliss

  1. I am going through the exact same thing. About two weeks ago I started to notice a pain in my heel that started around my achillis. For the last two weeks I have been a swimming monster, have not ran or touched the elliptical (have used the bike a little) icing like crazy. Today was actaully the first day it has started to feel back to normal. Of course I was on my feet all day hanging things as well…I have read so many horror stories about achillis tendon it scared the crap out of me!!

    1. Ack, me too! I do not want to deal w/tendonitis! I have been using the stick on my calves like crazy and avoiding over stretching. I swear these types of things always happen right before a race!

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