Water girl

Today’s Run: 10.25 miles, 1:17:xx

I so wish I had time to do at least 12 this morning. Argh, darn work! Always interrupting my training…or what I call training. LD is off recording this weekend (yes the hubs is a rockstar) so no long run for me in the a.m. Instead me and the mini-me’s will be rocking the aid station out on Harbor Island! Sooooo if you happen to be running in my territory tomorrow stop by and say hi and get hydrated! Yes us Rock Runners provide love for the entire community. I know, we are awesome like that.

Besides, who can say no to these peeps?:

They are so excited to “give the runners a quick drink so they are not shirsty.”

I have been on a major baking kick lately which is weird since it’s summer. During the fall/winter I am always inspired to bake because it just feels right. You know, cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, banana bread…I’m torturing myself right now. Anyway, it just doesn’t seem right to turn the oven on when it’s nearly 90 degrees outside. Yet I plan on baking oatmeal raisin cookies on Sunday. Go figure.

Do you bake during the summer?

~Apparently I do now!

What are your weekend plans?!


3 thoughts on “Water girl

  1. Hey speedy mama!! You’ve been doing so great on your runs!! 🙂

    Funny how you mentioned baking because I’ve been on the same kick. I’m like you and usually wait till the fall to bake but, I couldn’t resist some new cookie recipes that I discovered. Baked goodies taste so much better than store bought! 🙂

    5k on Sunday and one more time at the OC fair with the kids. Smoked turkey legs and tasti chips here we come!! 🙂

    Your kids are beautiful!! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Have you taken the kids to see “smurfs” yet?? Soo cute! It’s “smurf-tastic!!”

    1. Cookies! Yes, I have been baking them too!! Great minds I tell ya!

      Good luck at your 5k tomorrow!! The kids are going to love the fair 🙂

      We haven’t seen the smurfs yet! I looooved the smurfs as a kid. So much that my brother and I dressed up as the smurfs for halloween, lol! Poor Mom had us painted blue!! ha!

      Have a fun weekend!!!

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