Wednesday’s Run: 6 mile tempo (2 easy, 2 @ 7:04, 2 easy)

Thursday: REST (Major work meetings followed by company picnic. Good times)


It’s JEERRRRSSSDDDAAAAAYYYYYY! I am so ready for my favorite pisans to be back. Total Thursday night entertainment (or Friday thank you DVR). Ahhhhh! This also means it is time to bring back our T-SHIRT TIME tradition starting next week! Email me your photos of funny shirts and the best will make the blog every Thursday.

For instance, this would absolutely make ttttt-sssshhiiirrrtttt tiiimmeeeeee

Photo Credit: 2modern Blog

I too would freak out if a cow sounded like Darth Vader. You get it. Now keep your peepers open for funny ish and send it my way. We can all end next week on a good laugh…and maybe even a giveaway. It’s been awhile!


I told you all that I won a pair of Brooks at the Road Runner Sports adventure run in July. I added the Defyance 4’s to my rotation last week and am really liking them. I have run in these shoes before but in the WRONG size which led to a bad experience. MY BAD! I am really liking these shoes and am actually preferring them for longer runs! Thank you RRS!



The countdown to our Maui Vacation has begun!!!! Waaahooooooooooo!!!! LD and I have not had a real vacation in 5 YEARS! YES 5 YEARS!!! We get a WHOLE WEEK off!!!!

Have you been to Maui? Or Hawaii?

~ This is our first trip!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations? (We are big fish eaters)

~ So far I have been told to visit O & O Farms, The General Store and Mama’s Fish House



6 thoughts on “It’s JERSDAY!

  1. I think the name of the restaurant that we ate at was Leilani’s in Whalers Village – part of Kaanapali just north of Lahaina. It was good, Whalers Village offers a lot of fish restaurants in a small area, so if you don’t like Leilani’s there are other options.

  2. Oh yes, yes, yes to mama’s fish house. We went there on our honeymoon and ate there on New Years Eve. We too are bit of fish snobs, and it was possibly the best meal E-V-E-R. I recommend calling now for reservations. Also, right downtown Lahaina is a cute restaurant, with good food too, called Longhi’s. Its a cool atmosphere too. We saw both Vanna White and Carlos Santana there the night we ate dinner. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. Alright peeps, bring it I go crazy for Jersday…………It’s KINDA CREEPY!! 🙂

    WOW, lucky lady I LOVE maui and wish I was going. Hehehe, I soooooooo can’t wait!! Keep the suggestions coming we need a place to go for dinner on the 22nd after the vow renewal. Less research I have to do later.

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