Reality Tuesday…our last bach tawk!

Monday’s Workout: 2.5 mi w/u, 3×1600 @ 6:35 (1 min RI), 1 mi c/d (Total kick butt repeats while watching Saved By The Bell)

Tuesday’s Workout:  25 min spin, 45 min strength training (Felt a little lazy this morning but pulled it off)



Photo Cred: ABC

Man, I’m good. ABC tried to edit the show to make it look like she was going to pick Ben. Especially after her sister disapproved of JP. 

I felt bad for Ben. He was really shocked. SHOCKED! I appreciated his sincere reaction when she told him he was not the one. So many times the guys/gals hold back because of the cameras. He didn’t. I cannot imagine what he was feeling. He must have been embarrassed, sad, angry, etc. Poor guy. At least he kept it real and went out with his dignity.

Did anyone watch the after show? I fell asleep before JP came out. I’ll have to catch up on Hulu!

The big question: WILL ASHLEY AND JP LAST? Most of my peeps in the office say NO. Why? They think he will be possessive! What do you think? Will these two make it?


In running news…

I have 2 races coming up this month. The AFC Half is on August 21st

And the End of Summer Fire 4 miler is August 28th

AFC is the last half in the Triple Crown Series. I have a feeling it’s going to be a cooker and really need to prep myself for hot/sticky weather. Most people don’t know that it actually does get HOT in San Diego. It’s a myth that it is 70 degrees year round. In August/September we see temps get into the mid 80s at the beach and mid 90s inland. The humidity (although not the same as the East Coast) can be brutal at times. I am thankful that this race is close to the coast so there is a chance of the breeze off of the water. Remember I am a super weather wimp! That’s what living here has done to me (I have to blame it on something).

The End of Summer 4 miler is going to be a FUN RACE! It starts in La Jolla and ends in Pacific Beach. This should be a flat, fast race with good times to be had at the finish line. I have never done a 4 mile race and am looking forward to it! Registration is still open so if you are looking for something to do on 08/28 sign up!


I got asked this morning how I balance work, family and running. Honestly most of the time I HAVE NO IDEA. My mom says I burn the candle at both ends. She is probably RIGHT!

During the week my alarm goes off at 4:15 a.m. After about 10 minutes of confusion I get my butt in gear and am out the door. I typically run/crosstrain/strength train until 6-6:15. I then head home and make sure everyone is waking up. I shower, put the coffee on and pack lunches. While this is going on LD is usually getting the kids dressed. After I make sure that we are all ready to go I take the kids to school and then head to work. I usually get to the office at 8 and then total madness begins. I work my hiney off until 4:30-4:45 and then leave to pick the kids up. Once home it’s dinner time!My work cell phone continues to blow up until 6:30ish and I try to ignore it if possible. After dinner it’s bath, books, bed for the kids. By this time I am usually exhausted. Once the kids are in bed it’s time to clean up the house and eventually chill. Now you understand why I LOVE mindless entertainment!! That and the weekend. Ahhhh sleeping past 5 am is AWESOME.

So, for those moms who say “I just don’t have time to exercise” that’s bogus. YOU DO. You just have to make the time. EVEN IF ITS BEFORE SUNRISE. Happy mom = happy family. Period. Now I am not saying it’s easy. It can be EXHAUSTING. My kids are still little (2 1/2 and 4) and are not involved in 17 after school activities. When they are older things will likely change. One thing is for sure I will always make time to take care of ME. How can I be a good example to my family/kids if I don’t?


3 thoughts on “Reality Tuesday…our last bach tawk!

  1. You are getting a separate email regarding the Bach, I can’t type that long of a comment on here. 🙂

    As for running and being a mom, thanks to YOU I share this crazy life style with you. And with 2 kids and working fulltime it is hard, but like you said………….you make time!! I’m not as lucky as you to get my workouts in bright and early or should I say I am lucky enough to sleep in til 5:45am. Because my hubs is just as crazy as me and that’s his gym time. So often times after softball, karate and soccer I am laying dinner out on the table and running out the door. Which living in Nor Cal isn’t a bad thing because the heat is tolerable at 8:00pm. Or in the winter I am on my way to the gym for a late night run. But like you said, you make time. With the boys being 4 & 6 we have come to the realization that softball isn’t our priority anymore and it’s getting pushed to the side. We are going from playing 4-5 nights a week to 1 night a week.

    1. Ahhhh I miss the softball days!! I am hoping we get a team back together for fall. Too many people had summer vacays to keep a team together. Shoot, what happened to the dats when we had to many people? We are getting old…

  2. Way to call it! I definitely thought she was going to pick Ben! I was shocked when she didn’t. I think it’s because Ben is so like Christopher (my husband) so I was partial to him. Ah, oh well, here to wishing the best for Ashley and JP. And to wishing that Ben finds someone special too. 🙂

    Girl, I am amazed by your dedication to fitness and I LOVE what you wrote about being a good example! So true!

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