The Beast And A Shower

Today’s Run: 11 miles, 1:30, took on the BEAST!

The only way I can sum up today’s run is it was one bad mutha! The hills seemed endless and when they did give us break is was with a mountain. Nothing like ending a 150 foot climb with a 410 foot climb. Yes, that says 410! Gotta love Torrey Pines Reserve

If you look close you can see runners climbing the hill
Made it to the top! Look at our beautiful ocean!

It is so rewarding to make it to the top. The view of the ocean is amazing. AH-MAZING!

More Rock Runners. We made it!

We did a 5.5 mile out and back, making it an 11 mile run. The hardest part about going back was running into the wind. The best part was ending the run right alongside the ocean. It was high tide and the waves were literally 50 yards away. Best distraction from a hard, hilly run. That and the awesome boys at the aid station handing out jolly ranchers.

We're done. Bring on the coffee!

Post run 10 of us headed to Starbucks/Brueggers for coffee and bagels. I love getting to hang out afterwards to just talk and enjoy each others company. It is so much fun! 


After conquering the beast I had to jam home in order to make it a babyshower by noon. It was just a tad embarrassing to walk in with wet hair! My dear friend (and sorority big sis) will be delivering baby girl #2 in a few short weeks! I can’t wait to meet this little princess. After extending my apologies for looking like a total mess we ate food, played a celebrity baby name game and celebrated all things baby GIRL! LOVE IT.


Now it’s time to gather up my own babies and head to dinner with the fam!


What was your workout today?

Any plans tonight?


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