Look at me, I can count!

Ok peeps, first things first.

How do I get an old-coworker to remove me from her Avon email list?!?!

I am not sure how I even got on it. We worked together in 2006 and now I am getting blasted with “FINAL HOUR TO SAVE” emails and its freaking annoying. Someone help. I am not super tech savvy (I just figured out online bill pay last week. True story. Ask LD) so if it as simple as a click to remove please let me know. I don’t think I have used Avon since my mama used to put “Skin So Soft” on us as kids to keep mosquitos away.

Second :

If you are not following Blake Shelton on Twitter you need to go do it NOW. The man is hilarious. #FACT


My bach recap from last night will be up later this afternoon. I have a cray cray schedule today so puh-lease be patient with me.

Now that we got that stuff outta the way….

Morning workout: 45 min spin, 25 min strength training. I might get a recovery run this evening. If not it’s back to pounding pavement manana.

Many of you have recommended the Garmin Forerunner 405. Thank you! I have read a few reviews in which people complained about the bezel and it not being water-resistant. Anyone have an opinion on this? Is there a water-resistant version? The new 610 looks RAD, however, I am hesitant in dropping 4-hundo on a brand new product. My experience with the new Nike GPS is that my version (presale) did not have the updated firmware causing some issues with the watch and now the USB. Not fun. Not doing that again with any product. Maybe that’s why I still don’t have an Ipad…



One thought on “Look at me, I can count!

  1. Nice workout!!! I have the 405. The bezel can be a pain, but for the most part its okay. My dad sweats a lot, and usually has to wipe it down before it will work but it eventually works. Its not the greatest, but I couldn’t imagine not using it. And its better looking than the 305…

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