Save the drama fo yo mama

Today’s Run: 7.5 miles (5 @ tempo), 55 min

Holy toledo I am still sore from Saturday. Como say what?? Come on legs RECOVER already. Maybe an ice bath will help.  It looks like we will be running Torrey Pines this weekend and I really need to be 100% since the hills will be a plenty!

Remember this 400 ft climb? Yep, doing it again

In Nike news (yes, the saga continues) I went home at lunch and was able to get my watch to upload my run from Saturday! Sweet. When I tried a second time it wouldn’t work. Sigh. I finished typing my return letter and will be boxing it up and shipping it back tomorrow. Not sure how long it will take for the new one to get here so will go back to using the old trusty sportband until then. I am hoping you all will not have to hear about my GPS drama for a while!!


Who watched BB last night?! Can we all agree that we are sick of Brendan and Rachel? It’s almost sad to see how dysfunctional the relationship is. I hope their families are watching and have a serious discussion with them about why  should NOT get married. One could argue that the show is edited to make them look bad. However, editing or not- the conversations are what they are. It’s like watching two 7th graders go at it.

I am pretty bummed that they will likely send Dominic home. Unless there is a twist between now and Thursday there is no way they will send home Adam. Adam is easier to beat. I hope that Danielle wins HOH this week. It’s time to turn the game upside down!

My love for Lawon has grown. Although he is just floating along the guy is freaking hilarious!!

Sometimes when he is in his diary sessions he sounds like Tracy Morgan on SNL…

We are at the point in the season where the game starts to ge good. Everyone is watching their backs, big brother throws in twists and some serious drama is sure to break out.  I am pretty sure that Shelly is going to get caught playing both sides in the next few weeks. Once that happens she will be out like trout.

Ahhh I so badly want to be on this show next season. Who wants to film my audition tape?!


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