Cash’d Out

Tonight we headed to Point Loma to chill out and enjoy to Friday night Summer Concerts in the Park. This is a family friendly event from 5:30-8:30 on Fridays through the middle of August. There was a ton of people there with chairs, blankets, picnic baskets, dogs, etc!

For those that don’t want to bring food there are vendors each week selling good eats and drinks. Tonight was tamale night!

Our parks and beaches have an alcohol ban, but this lady was an old pro at sneaking it in

No that is not a juice box. She is rockin’ pizza and wine in the park. Pinot Grigio to be exact. Nice work lady.

The band tonight was Cash’d Out: A Johnny Cash cover band

They were so good. I highly recommend that everyone see this band at least once.

We hung out for a few hours while the kids got their ya-yas out

You didn’t know my oldest was a leopard? That’s how he rolls. One thing is for sure, leopards do not make good photographers.

After 2 complete rest days I am looking forward to a nice long run in the AM.

Anyone do anything fun tonight?

Are you running tomorrow?


5 thoughts on “Cash’d Out

  1. The band was awesome! I’m so glad you guys were able to make it. Hopefully you can come to another concert. We missed you on the short run this morning! We will definitely run it again next year!

      1. I finished in 27:54. I passed Marcus McNeil at the top of the hill. He finished in 35 mins. The hill wasn’t too bad and the downhill was awesome. The Q parking lot seemed never ending but it was fun running through the tunnel and onto the field. Didn’t see any other players. If I did I didn’t recognize them!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!! 🙂

    BTW I love your shirt!! What does it say? I see just “RUN…!

    Last night the husb and I had a date night at the Grove in LA. We had a nice dinner outside, people watched and watched a movie. “friends with benefits”…soo funny!! I think all the ladies were there to check out Justin Timberlake and the guys were there to see Mila Kunis! 😉

    Marathon training 4 Maui is in high gear!! 20 mi. last week, 15 mi today. woohoo!! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend girl!!

    1. Thanks! It says ” Run and your heart will follow” 🙂 Love it! I want to see FWB. I love JT, haha! I looked for him on my run this morning since he was a speaker at CominCon. I promise I am not a stalker, hahah!

      Way to go on the long runs!!! Yay! HI is almost here!!! GO GIRL!

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