Decisions Decisions

I took today as a full rest day. I need a serious attitude adjustment and my legs/feet just need a day off. I am freaking out a little (or maybe a lot for no reason) at my slow come back. I am 20 weeks out (or so) from Vegas and am nowhere near close to being in marathon shape. Anyone have any pixie dust to spare?

Ok fine, I’ll do it on my own.

Speaking of marathons I can’t believe that Big Sur is already 51% full!!



COME ON! It’s 9 months away! I don’t want to have to make that decision yet. Who knows what I will be doing 9 months from now. Maybe I will have sworn off running completely. Ok, that’s just silly. I am already registered for races next year. I know I really want to run this race but not sure if 2012 is the year for it. I think I am still hesitant since I haven’t had a run longer than 13 miles since the beginning of May. See how ridiculous I am? I would have 9 months to get ready! COMMITMENTPHOBIA!!!

Do you register for races early to avoid sell out?

~ I did with the Tinkerbell Half and the RNR Pasadena Half! These are inaugural races in Jan and Feb of 2012!



7 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. i usually sign up early to get the early bird pricing. my race addiction ain’t cheap! 🙂
    keep watching the website….when it’s nearly full your instinct will tell you to register or skip it. i’m doing that with carlsbad – don’t know if i should/can do the full or not. come october after long beach half- i’ll make the decision. if it’s still open then it was meant to be.

    1. I feel you with the race $$!!! Big Sur is currently $135….

      You’re right, I should just keep my eye on it and go with my gut. Have you run Long Beach before? If so what is your opinion?! I have been thinking about that race!! I did the Carlsbad half this year and liked it- heard the full gets easier the second half????

      1. I have, it was my first half in 08. I liked it a lot. Pretty flat and along the water for most of it (the full goes inland around the college). I know a few people who say LB is their favorite. There were some after race issues last year, but I heard Run Racing say they’ve made some changes those issues. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than Surf City which I don’t think is worth how much it costs.

  2. I never commit that far out, but, then again, I haven’t done a full since 2003. And back then I signed up for LA in August and the race was March (7 mos), but that was my first, so.

    I’m even more race-commitment-phobe now because the bio-clock is ticking. 33 years old. Time to start thinking about having a small, chubby little person with a disproportionately large head.

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