Snap out of it!

Today’s Run: 6.1 miles, TM run, janky music, 47:xx

Today was another one of those “I just don’t feel like running” days. I need to snap out of this funk. Yes I am pulling off my runs but I am ready to feel good again. Maybe I need a spa da. A good massage always helps! That or a swift kick in the rear!

I set out to do a 6 mile run at a long tempo pace. I put in my headphones to drown out gym noise and got to it. I was a half mile in when I had a Ipod snafu. My headphones started cutting in and out. Not awesome. This will be the third pair of SnugBudds that I have to return in a very short period of time. Ridiculous. Stopped and headed to my locker to make like Macgeiver and fix them. Thought about calling it quits and then reminded myself that AFC is in 4 weeks!

Pounded out 6.1 and ended up just a tad slower than goal with an average pace of 7:48. Maybe the funk is that it’s taking longer to build mileage up post injury. I am having to take my time since I switched to a minimalist shoe. It just feels more difficult. 

I am icing and using compression sleeves to aid with recovery.  I am looking forward to a solid long run this weekend. Running at sunrise is so serene and beautiful! I love ditching the music and listening to nature. Ahhhhhhhh, can’t wait!

Reminder to my BB peeps: POV tonight!!!


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