Half asleep repeats

Today’s Run: Speed work! W/U, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 (all w/200m jogs between) C/D
I really didn’t feel like running this morning. I tried to talk myself out of it at least 3 times. I was tired and just feeling blech from a serious lack of sleep on Sunday night. Somehow I made it out of bed and to the gym by 4:50.
I hopped on the TM, put it on a .5% incline and started my warm up. Around 1.25 miles I realized I never started my watch. Proof of total tiredness. Hey, I never claimed to be a genius prior to 5 am.  I hit go and got into my speedwork.
1200m @ 9.0, 1000m @ 9.0, 800m @ 9.0, 600m @9.5, 400m @ 9.5, 200m @ 9.5
I did 200m jogs between at a 7.0. Let me tell you, this WOKE MY BUTT UP! Half way through I actually started to feel good. Whhhhaaaaaaa????? I thought about doing additional repeats and then remembered I was tired and over it. Funny how that works.
Total mileage 5.5, total time 45 min.
Have you ever done speed work on a TM? I love it! It breaks up the monotony of running in place and has helped me to improve my race times.
I have some serious madness  happening in the office this morning. As soon as I get things under control I will post my Bach Review and BB update! Reality Tuesday people- Check it!

4 thoughts on “Half asleep repeats

  1. I wish I had better access to a track, because I also do my speedwork on the TM but my work TM only has a full 1% increment incline setting. So I have to do them at 1% which is feels tougher than if I was out on a track.

    My Tuesday at the office was madness but in a good way – we had a dept team building shindig in Mission Bay – lots of silly games and kayaking water polo. I paid the price yesterday trying to catch up with all the work missed!

    1. 1% incline? What the deuce? That is much tougher than being on a track!

      That sounds like a super fun office outting! Ours is on August 4th but at Santee Lakes. Are you kidding me? It’s going to be hotter than a mo-fo

  2. That sounds like a killer workout! yowza. 200m is NOT much of a rest. good for you. Like chacha, I always pump up the TM incline to 1%. I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t….I’ve just heard many times that because of the moving tread, 1% makes the effort more accurate.

    Thank you for your bachelorette recap…I haven’t been watching them lately, so I rely on your recaps. I’m sad she send Ames home. He was a catch — way more so than constantine and boring guy whose name I can’t remember because he’s so boring

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