Bach Tawk and BB Recap

Let’s dive right into Reality Tuesday starting with the Bachelorette

Short Version: Ashley goes on 4 hometown dates in the following order: Constantine, Ames, Ben,& JP. Constantine had a big fat greek party, Ames family (sister mostly) grilled her, Ben’s fam- well, not sure what happened because I fell asleep (not kiddin), JP’s fam loved Ash (I woke back up for this, shocker). They head back to LA and she sends Ames home.
Before I get into the long version, did anyone notice that Ben got a hair cut sometime between his hometown date and the rose ceremony? It almost looked like a brunette version of my 1985 Ken doll. I’m serious, remember Barbie and the Rockers? Ken had that same hair-do!
We start with Ash arriving in Cumming, GA to meet Constantine’s family. He takes her to his restaurant, Giorgio’s Italian. A Greek running an Italian place…hmmmmm.
Photo Cred: BuddyTV
They make pizza, she does a little bit of waitressing and then they head to the patio to enjoy what looks like lunch. He tells her that she will meet his Mom, Dad and sister. They arrive at the house where they sit down to a Greek/Southern meal. His mom pulls Ash aside and talks to her about moving to Georgia. Ashley says she would relocate for love but it was obvious that the conversation was uncomfortable. Ashley is very easy to read!
They head back into the living room when the doorbell rings and in walks Constantine’s ENTIRE FAMILY! Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. They were all there. They have a party and dance and celebrate.
Ashley feels she has grown closer to Constantine after this date.
Next we see Ash arriving in PA to meet Ames family. They were super color coordinated. Coincidence?
It literally looked like the perfect fall day! Ames had a picnic ready and they chatted before meeting the fam. Ash met his Mom, Brother and Fam and Sister and fam. The whole crew was very educated and well spoken. Ames’ sister gave Ashley the one-over and grilled her about how she felt. Although Ashley was honest about how slow the relationship was going, it was clear she was uncomfortable and sis was all over it. They had dinner and Ash was on her way.
Next she arrived in Sonoma for her hometown date with Ben
Photo Cred: Hollywood Gossip
They visited his winery and started to talk about how important it is to him to have his family like her…AND THEN I FELL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH!
GASP! Sorry guys!
Ben, sorry friend, you were boring enough to put me to sleep. Hope your family liked her.
Thankfully I woke up in time to see Ash arrive in NY to meet JP’s family
Photo Cred: Wet Paint
Rain was in the forecast so he took Ash to a roller rink. They had a very sweet junior-highish date that ended with a couples skate. Collective: AWWWWW. They headed back to his casa where he introduced her to his Mom, Dad, Brother and brother’s girlfriend.
Jp’s Mom had a talk with Ash about his prior relationships and basically said she does not want to see her son hurt again. Ashley then says she is SMITTEN with JP. This must have eased mama’s mind because she busted out this photo of JP and embarrassed the hay out of him!
Photo Cred: She Knows Entertainment
 Ashley then said her good-byes and headed back to LA.
The guys all fly back to the pad for the Rose Ceremony. Ashley gives her usual speech and hands out roses to:
JP, Ben and Constantine
Ames is sent home. Poor guy, he looked so confused. It was clear that he was a little shocked and just didn’t know how to react. The good news for Ames? He is a contestant on the Bachelor Pad that airs on August 8th. Maybe he will head home with a hottie after all.
Soooo next week Ash and the 3 guys head to Fiji for a sweet looking vacay. A prior contestant returns (rumored to be Ryan) to try to win her affection back. Why do they do this every season? I have never seen it get down to the final 2 or 3 and the bachelor or bachelorette takes someone back. Have you? Maybe I am just not remembering right?
That’s it for this weeks recap of the bach. What are your thoughts? It seems so obvious that she is going to pick JP…so then maybe she will not?
 Ok BB fanatics let’s talk ggggaaaaammmmmeeeeee!
Last Thursday we saw Keith get evicted.
Photo Cred: Hollywood Gossip
 He had it coming right? I mean the poor guy just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I really think that if he would have laid low Porsche would have been the one walking out the door.  Now she has the golden key (along with Danielle) and will make it into the top 10. I still don’t think I’m feeling her. She has an alliance with Brachel and I can see the two of them getting completely off the chain. If nothing else it will make for some super good drama, lol!
Jordan won HOH making her and Jeff safe for the week (I LOVE THEM) and she nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction.
Tomorrow we will see the POV comp, POV ceremony and REPLACEMENT nominations…what what? I really hope that Dom stays. I like him and his game play (so far) and think that if he makes it past the next few weeks he could be a strong contender to make it to the end!!
Who do you think is going home this week?
Is Adam’s alliance with the vets legit? (I still don’t think so)
How many times will we see Brachel fight? (ANNOYING!!!!!)
How funny is Lawon?!?!?

3 thoughts on “Bach Tawk and BB Recap

  1. I think last week was a lose lose situation with Keith and Porsche. I wanted them both to leave! and really? Brendon is so much DRAMA and so emotional!!! It drives me batty! haha!

    Thank you also for the sweet comment the other day! I can’t reply to you through email. Yours isnt attached!! 😦 but it means a lot and I appreciate it! THANK YOU doll!!! xo

  2. Ames seems to look perennially confused – always the same expression. I felt bad for him because he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. But perhaps he is kind of boring, I don’t know.

    JP, I fear, is way too into her. I think Ben is the frontrunner, but sounds like he has a “player-ish” past which probably means that even if she picks him they will 100% be broken up in 6 months.

    1. You are right, Ames does have a continuous confused look. Even if its not the appropriate time to look confused. Odd. Maybe he is just socially awkward?

      Went back and read that Ben got caught in a lie. He told Ash he has only brought one girl home to mom then his sis talked about several past girls. Hmmmmm.

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