The Hills Are My Friends, Right?

Today’s Run: 9 miles, hilly, slow

After yesterday’s mid-tempo pace run I figured I would go for a nice, slow recovery run this morning. By nice, I mean painfully difficult in my hilly hood.

I know that the hills are my friends, but this morning they felt like enemies. Every step felt so slow, almost as if I was moving backwards. I was so thankful when I hit the Park because I knew I would get a little bit of downhill!

Made it into downtown and enjoyed about 6 blocks of completely flat roadway. Recovery at its finest. Almost stopped here

and then I remembered I didn’t have money on me. Darn it. I am usually good for at least $2 in my hydration belt. Not this morning. Guess the big man upstairs wanted to remind me of my brutal dehydration headache from yesterday.

Started my climb back up to the park. 

6th Street is a very long gradual climb. For those running AFC in August, this is the end of the race. Yeah, that’s how the race directors roll. It’s a good challenge!

I wish I took a better photo of this. My camera doesn’t do the beauty justice. Finished the second half of the climb and made it back to my home base. Total climb from downtown: 300 feet! Legs are trashed.

Finished with an average 8:30 pace. It was not an easy run. My legs were tired and heavy. I thoroughly enjoyed breaks at red lights that would usually make me batty. I gladly stopped and gave tourists directions to a local bistro (and considered joining them but then that money thing came into play). I even took a short cut to my finish to reduce my run by more than a mile. It was a battle but I conquered and made it to church without limping. If that isn’t a win I don’t know what it is.

It’s now chill time. I am rocking my Zensah sleeves watching the US take on Japan in WC Soccer. USA Baby!


Anyone run today? Upcoming races?

Are you watching soccer? If not, you should be! Turn it on!

Watching BB tonight? Bring on the drama!


4 thoughts on “The Hills Are My Friends, Right?

  1. Well, yes and no. My knee has recently been bothering me and I’m wondering if my runner’s knee is coming back. Ugh. I need to follow you and ice it a few times throughout the day. I want to do good in my half, and I don’t want to have to stop running. Any advice is welcome!

  2. Balboa Park is beautiful – however the last time I was there was last August for the SDTC 8 miler. That race is brutal with the steep hills.

    That’s a pretty cool route, too. I suppose one of the pluses to living down there near the city. That and a better commute!

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