Running is love…but winning is awesome too.

Tonight’s adventure run started and ended with total awesomeness. I roll up at the same time as RPIC and we ask “map guy” (will tell you about him later) to snap a photo. He put down all of his belongings (this is serious business) and obliged

Thanks to map guy we no longer have legs. Maybe that explains why I look so awkward.

Post photo-op we headed into RRS to see if there were any sales going on. RPIC pointed out that thanks to the Adventure Run Banner we are now local celebrities.

Let me zoom in for you

Do you spy HRM? Go go gadget arm and giant hand. Wait, there is more

No the arrow is not pointing to me. I am to the left in the tempos. Seriously, who took this shot?

We browsed for 15ish minutes and then it was time to get our run on. Map came out, we planned our route and off we went. It was such a nice night. 70 degrees with a nice breeze. Ahhhh I love SoCal. We did a 3.3 mile loop and collected about 25 raffle tickets. Not bad, right? Let the fun begin!

The DJ had it going on tonight. He was kickin’ it super old school with Bel Biv Devoe and Color Me Badd. That’s right, he was spinning the jams. This fired the crowd up for the raffle.

Someone high-five that guy. And then go hug the guy in aviators. He does not look amused.

Raffle gets going, shirts are being thrown, water bottles flying. It’s on and poppin. I love this stuff. Such a fun way to end a run. Patiently wait and check my tickets. Nada. Then, something awesome happened. An announcement that the next prize is a pair of Brooks shoes up to $140. The winner is…the person that can throw down some sweet dance moves. Time to shake my money maker.

And the winner is…


Woooooohhhhhhooooooooo!!! This white girl has moves you’ve never seen! YES! Can’t wait to pick out my new kicks for the rotation. See Chacha, you gave me GOOD LUCK!!

Not only did I have an awesome time with my RPIC, I came home with some sweet stuff

Thank you Road Runner Sports for another awesome Adventure Run!

Time to go get caught up on BB and chill. I need to be good and rested for an early morning run and a fun day at Disneyland!


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