RRS Tonight- Be There Or Be Square

Morning Workout: 45 min strength training, 25 min spin.

No running this morning since I will be at RRS at 6pm for the 2nd Thursday Adventure run! Bring on the 2-a-days baby!


I plan on winning in the raffle tonight and we all know I super celebrate when I win. Seriously. Ask RPIC. She was there when I won the gift card to Stone Brewery and acted like I won the lottery. I made up for my madness by giving it away. That reminds me! Hey girl that I gave that gift card to, keep me in mind if you win tonight, will ya?

If you are in the SD area get your hiney down to RRS and run with us. The event is free, there will be lots of awesome vendors on site (Brooks will be letting you try out shoes if ya want) and you could go home with some sweet schwag. THIS IS A NO BRAINER PEOPLE. See ya there!


3 thoughts on “RRS Tonight- Be There Or Be Square

  1. Booo! I have a birthday shindig in Oceanside (I know birthday thing on a Thursday, I tried to suggest Friday but perhaps she had other plans or whatever).

    I decree that you shall win today!

    BTW, I have the worst luck with raffles/drawings, so, I may have just screwed your chances, right there. Ok I take back my decree.

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