Super Sitter

This past weekend LD and I packed up the kids and headed to North County to take care of our nephews for the weekend. Our little peeps are 4 and 2. Our nephews are 3 and 21 mos. That meant 2 30-somethings being outnumbered by children ages 4,3,2,1. 

We're going to give you a run for your money!

We agreed that we should keep them all on a tight schedule and do every outdoor activity to let them get their ya-yas out. When I suggested putting them in a wagon and taking them to the park I wasn’t considering 100+ lbs of kids in a hilly neighborhood. Eeeek. Poor hubs- he got a super workout in!

Yeah, by the look on his face you can probably guess that I didn’t pull that wagon. I don’t think I even offered. In fact, my only suggestion was having the 2 oldest walk the hill home and then they could get back in the wagon. Apparently I was behind because by the time I was mentioning it LD was already half way up the hill with only the youngest in it. Smart man!

We were a super awesome team. From making lunches to nap time to a 4 kid-bath we rocked. These kids tried to outsmart us a time or two but we were on our game. Come on kids, we’ve been there and done that. Sheesh, we didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

Practicing 10 different laughs

We slept with one eye open. You never know when these crazy kids could decide to throw a rager. Ah, did I mention we also had 2 dogs and a cat?! The freaking dogs went nuts chasing lizards. Ridiculous. The cat was smart and hid in my parents room.

By the time Sunday rolled around the kids were tired. We were tired. We watched the USA women’s soccer team take it to Brazil and relaxed. It was the perfect end to the weekend.


That was our adventure in babysitting. We had a blast and were reminded that 4 children 4 and under are no joke. I don’t know how that lady on TLC with 19 kids does it. Crazy woman!


I am now catching up on BB. I still hope that Porsche goes home although it’s looking more like Keith. Casi is going to have a big target on her back if she is not careful. Although she is part of the “regulators alliance” she is playing both sides of the house. The vets are going to sniff this out quick so she better watch it!

I am still bummed about Evel Dick going home. Hoping that we will see a diary room from him on Wednesday with an explanation!


2 thoughts on “Super Sitter

  1. I can hardly keep track of the four year olds in Sunday School for an hour with the help of another teacher. I don’t know how you managed 4 kids under four for a weekend and actually have a great time! 🙂
    How did I miss Evil Dick going home? Am I behind on Big Brother and not know it?

    1. Oh no, sorry to be a super spoiler!!! I think we will see it on the show tomorrow night. Evel Dick goes home but I am still not 100% sure why. I saw it on the live feeds. CRAY CRAY!!! Danielle has the first golden key…it’s going to get GOOOOOOD!!!!

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