Double Digits and BB Talk

Today’s Run: 10 miles 1:14 ish

I finally hit double digits!!!! Yaaaahhhhoooooo! Now it was not the most exciting run beings that it was at the gym on the TM, but it felt GOOD. Now I can’t wait to hit the outdoors and take it to the pavement. I want to take on some good hills and then enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Man am I blessed or what? I get hills and the ocean on my long runs! Sa-weet!


Let’s get into BB!!

Last night we met the 8 new houseguests. Within 15 minutes we find out that they need to pair up with one another as they will be playing as duos…against former duos!

The newbie pairs are:

Shelly/Cassie, Keith/Porsche, Dominic/Adam, Lawon/Kalia

They will be playing against:

Jeff/Jordan (yaaaaaay!), Dick/Danielle (who is now brunette) and Rachel/Brendan (BARF)

Did anyone notice that when Brendan and Rachel arrived they did not receive a warm welcome? Then Jeff/Jordan come in and get hugs all around!!! Bwahahahaha. Just goes to show that Brachel (Brendan/Rachel) truly annoyed the heck out of everyone last summer.

The first HOH competition was held. The winner of HOH automatically guarantees safety from eviction along with his/her partner. Rachel won. That means Brachel is safe this week.

We also learned that the twist this year is the “Golden Key”

Being nominated this summer will be both a blessing and a curse! As in the past, 1 houseguest will be evicted, but a huge advantage awaits the houseguest that survives the chopping block. It’s called the “Big Brother Golden Key”. The golden key guarantees a spot in the top 10. Anyone who survives in the first 4 weeks cannot be nominated till only 10 of you remain. And because the holder of the golden key cannot be evicted, they will not participate in any competitions during that time. However, they will vote for eviction.

Soooo this means someone is going to have to make a deal with the HOH before nominations!

It was a really good first episode!! I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think I can make it an entire summer listening to Rachel’s voice. If I have to I will hit mute everytime she speaks. The loud obnoxious whine/talk is too much for my little ears to handle.

Ready for some updates?? **SPOILER ALERT** Don’t read it you don’t want to know what happened overnight in the BB House!

Overnight in the house Adam found a card with Dick’s name on it under one of the sofa cushions. This leaves everyone wondering if it’s a clue?? I don’t know what to make of this yet. We do not know of a sabouteur so I assume this could have something to do with an upcoming comp?

Everyone is trying to figure it out when Evel Dick gets called into the diary room and never comes out. 2 hours go by and no sign of Dick. Danielle starts to get worried and asks BB to allow her into the diary room. BB says no.

Around 4:30 this morning Danielle comes out of the diary room (guess that means sometime between 12am-4am they allowed her in) and we learn that she has the golden key. I think this means that Dick has gone home. We will find out for sure on Sunday night when the episode airs!

The houseguests have made it clear that they do NOT like Porsche (I don’t really get a good vibe from her either). I am pretty sure she is a target this week.

The POV competition is today!!! That means 2 houseguests have already been nominated….


What did you think of last nights episode?!?! Are you ready for a BB summer?!?

* I loved it! Everyone is all friendly now but they will be at each other in about 72 hours, lol!

Anyone running this weekend? Upcoming races?

* I am babysitting my nephews this weekend so we will have a house filled with kiddos! Fun! I will be chasing kids around all weekend. That’s speed work if you ask me, lol!




5 thoughts on “Double Digits and BB Talk

  1. I love BB! The show last night was great. Scott said he wasn’t going to watch the second evil Dick showed up he was all ears! haha. Scott loves how he stirs everyone up. I’m not surprised they brought back Brendan and Rachel but OHMYGOSH ICANTSTANDTHEM!!!! I can’t believe Danielle has the Golden Key! i wonder how that happened.

    1. LOL! Dick tends to draw a crowd! I can only guess that Dani got the key because Dick went home? I need to go back and check the feeds…yes I have the 3 day trial, lol!!! I haven’t decided if it’s worth the money to keep it for the season or just watch like everyone else does. I have issues!!!

      I can’t stand Brachel. Neither can my hubs. I think we were annoyed the second they walked through the door. And of course she won HOH. uuugggghhhhh!

  2. Yay! So glad Dick and Danielle are back on! That’s who I was trying to think of in my comment a couple days ago.

    Double digits! So awesome…it’s been a long time since I ran that far. But, training has officially started for my half in October so I’ll be hittin’ the double digits soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I also was hitting the treadmill all week. Too freaking hot out at lunch to do anything else. I was going to say that 10 mi on the TM would be crazy boring but you were only on it for 1:14 – this is SR fast kind of of running!

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