Expect the unexpected

Today’s workout: 35 min strength training, 32 min spin (I know that’s an odd time, but it was 8 interval segments at 4 min each) 


Tonight is the season premier of BIG BROTHER 13!  Expect the unexpected!

Photo Credit: CBS
photo credit: CBS

I know I should not be promoting couch potatoism but I LOVE THIS SHOW. I am officially recruiting all of you to watch this with me. If I knew how to create a chat room on this blog I would do it so we could all discuss. Hello, this is mindless entertainment guys. You can’t go wrong.

I watched BB Rumors this afternoon (I admit my addiction) and it appears that Evel Dick and Danielle will be on! I hope this is true! I love Danielle! She is darling. Dick certainly is entertaining if nothing else.

Soooooo do I have you convinced to watch tonight? No? I’ll wear you down eventually. Before you know it you will be asking me who wins the POV before the show airs. Then I will know I have you hooked!


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