Bad run turned good

Today’s Run: 8 miles, 63 min


I woke up hungry today. Waking up hungry at 4:25 am is not awesome. I only have 20 minutes to get out the door and that friends, is not enough time to eat breakfast. I took a gel and hoped for the best.

The first few miles felt hard and slow. Like I just couldn’t wake up and get my legs going. Still hungry. Darn it! Around mile 3 I finally got into a groove a picked up the pace. Now we’re talking. At mile 5 I took a few blocks and finished out 8. It felt darn good! Going into it I didn’t think I would make it more than a 5k. I love when bad runs turn good.


This afternoon I had to back to the dentist to get my temp crown taken off and my teeth cleaned. This is my second visit in 2 weeks. That’s not a good record. As soon as I walked in I got “Hey, did ya break anymore teeth?” joke. Um, I’m not laughing. Not funny. You all know how devastating this was for me. I still blame it on trashy TV. If I wasn’t watching the Bach it would have never happened. Or would it have?


2 thoughts on “Bad run turned good

  1. 4:25am?! Why so early?

    I have two crowns – but on bottom molars. Braces as a teen plus nightime clenching/grinding results in teeth with cracks. Boo.

    1. Isn’t it ridiculous? Morning is the only time I have to run most days. I still clench, what gives? Mine is on my bottom molar too. Thank gosh it wasn’t a front tooth. I’d be sporting a grill like Little John. Embarassing.

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