Reality Tuesday

Typically we discuss the Bach on Tuesday but with no new episode last night we are left hanging until next week. However, in awesomesauce reality news Big Brother starts this Thursday and I CAN’T WAIT!

This is one of my FAVORITE reality shows. In fact, I like it so much that I have a blank copy of an application that I have meant to fill out for 2 years. I WANT TO BE ON THIS SHOW. Just think, instead of watching people on an eliptical during workout time you would see me doing intervals, tempos, etc. Hello, how fun would that be?! CBS if you are reading: PICK ME!

So this season is going to feature 8 new house guests who will compete against 6 unnamed houseguests who are rumored to be past contestants competing as duos! Oh I hope Jeff and Jordan will be back. I love them. THIS IS GOING TO GET GOOOOOOOOD.

Want to meet the known newbies? Here they are (all photos/info is courtesy of CBS):

 ADAM: Age: 39. From NJ. Occupation: Music Inventory Manager.

 CASSI: Age: 26  From Allen, TX. Occupation: Model

 DOMINIC. Age: 25 From: San Mateo, CA Occupation: Student

 KALIA. Age: 30 From: Philly. Occupation: Writer

 KEITH. Age: 32. From: Bolingbrook, Ill. Occupation: HR Manager

 LAWON. Age: 39 From: Urbana, Ill. Occupation: Legal File Clerk

 PORSCHE. Age: 23 From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Occupation: VIP Cocktail Waitress (ummmm ???)

 SHELLY. Age: 41 From: Centerville, OH. Occupation: Outdoors Industry Executive.

I can tell you right now my Mom will love Shelly because she is from Ohio. People from Ohio love other people from Ohio. There is an instant bond. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that my Mom somehow knows Shelly because I find that most people from Ohio know someone that knows someone. So Mom, do you know Shelly? If not, I bet you know someone who does. Get crackin’.

If you have never watched this show it’s time to jump on the BB Bandwagon. Why? So you can get sucked in and keep up with my updates. Plus this show is on 3 days a week so it makes our workweek go by extra fast! Look, we will have plenty of new dramas to watch this fall. Summer = reality season. Deal with it.

Anyone have any race updates from the holiday weekend? If so, share!




7 thoughts on “Reality Tuesday

  1. Oh lordy just what I need, you getting me hooked on another show. Thank u very much.

    As for race updates, as you know my hubby and I ran a 10k this weekend in the wonderful northern cali heat. It was my hubby’s first and he did great. I’m super proud of him.

  2. Hello my dear. I know where Centerville is but I’m afraid I don’t know Shelley. You know I’ll be on my way to O-H-I-O in the morning so I’ll do some snoopin’ around while I’m there.

    I too am excited to start a new season!

  3. I am SO excited for BB to start! I’ve never missed a season! I *heard* that Rachel & Brendan were coming back this season as a “power couple”. I am praying that’s false! haha

    1. Ahhhhhh! No no no to Brendan and Rachel! I cannot take another season of her whining/crying/screaming. Blech! Like you I haven’t missed a season!! We will have some gooood discussions!!! I think Porsche is going to be a pain…we will see!

  4. I used to love BB then I decided I had to just stop…3 nights in front of the tv was too much. But, now you’ve got me wanting to watch it again!

    I wonder if the Dad/daughter duo will be on there again….he drove her crazy! I can’t remember their names but it was from the summer of 2005 I think? She was so cute with blonde hair. He reminded me of Tommy Lee. Anyway, she played the game very well…it would be cool if they brought them back again.

  5. We used to watch BB, but then stopped a few years ago. I suggested it to the Husband last night but he did not seem enthused. Instead we watched Master Chef.

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