Is it wrong to stop for coffee?

Today’s Run: 4.4 miles, 32:07


I was up at out by 6 am so that I could get my run in before the marine layer cleared. It was already 66 and humid (I know, I know, you East Coasters can all smack me) and by mile 1 I was dripping sweat.

Made it up hill #1


By mile 2 I had to adjust my I-fitness belt. For some reason I cannot get this belt to work for me. Major bounce. Does anyone else run with an I-Fitness? Can you give me any suggestions on how to get it adjusted?

At mile 2.5 I realized that my skirt was shoved up back of my belt and I had been showing the world my hot pink boy shorts. Real classy. Haute Running Mama= Haute Mess.

Do I see clearing? Eeeeek! Run faster!


I got stopped at a red light around mile 3.5. Is it wrong to stop for coffee on a run?



Finished back at the casa in 32:07. This is definitely my fastest run in quite some time!Ā I typically head down to PL to get my group run on but with Coronado being on Monday I think I will chill. I hope I am ready cardio wise for a solid 15k run. I am good at training runs but terrible at races. TRF (total race fail).

Does this happen to anyone else?




3 thoughts on “Is it wrong to stop for coffee?

  1. OMG!!! I should REALLY have googled the bridge!! Considering I’m scared of heights tomorrow should be VERY interesting. My husband and son are trying to talk me out of it….well my son is. The hubs knows I NEVER back down. But I must admit, I AM TERRIFIED. I’m actually sick in my stomach. As soon as we got back to the room I went int he bathroom to wash my face (cry and put my game face on). Now I’m ready! Good luck tomorrow! The weather out here is amazing. Due to my jealousy issues after I fly back east I don’t believe I’ll be able to read any West Coast blogs any longer unless I’m guaranteed no one will talk about the weather! šŸ™‚

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