Making each day count

Today’s run: 6 miles @  mid tempo, .22 c/d, core/lots of stretching!

I am back to incorporating 3 quality runs a week: repeats, tempo and the long run. Today’s mid tempo pace run started with 2 mi @ 8:00, increase to 2 mi @ 7:19, back down to 2 mi @ 8:00. It was not an easy run. It was a warm morning and I just felt blah. I was a major sweaty/whiny mess until I got home and saw the story of Bob Wieland on the news. 

Bob Wieland is a double amputee who is cycling from CA to NY and BACK to raise money for the L.A Dream House. He will cycle approximately 7,000 miles using a hand bike! (And I am complaining about a “blah” 6 mile run. I am LAME)

photo credit: KTLA

Bob says every day is a miracle, and out on the open road, he hopes to inspire others to make each day count.

At 65, he will be the oldest person to ever attempt this journey.

Is this man amazing or what?!? He served me a quick attitude adjustment on a platter. To read more about his story click HERE. You will be amazed at what this man has gone through.


You still have until tomorrow to enter the GIVEAWAY!

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