Bibs aren’t just for babies

This afternoon I headed to Sports Authority to pick up my bib for the Coronado 15k.

You know it’s a small race when your swag bag contains one sample balance bar and a fruit strip

Bonus points for the reusable bag, minus one for the $10 off that requires you to spend $50.

I have never run a 15k race but I heard this one is fun. It’s a flat, fast course on the water with lots of 4th of July awesomeness afterwards. There is also a 5k run/walk so I assume this will be a family friendly event. Let’s hope H&S can control themselves! We know kids get all kinds of crazy when other kids are around. It’s like they all try to one-up each other.


Speaking of one-uping. I think my teeny tiny giveaway is a slight step up from my swag bag



For those of you new to my blog I like to giveaway stuff I have tried and like (or even LOVE). Sometimes I throw in things I haven’t tried but somehow ended up with a surplus so I share the love. That’s what friends do. We share.

What ya get this time around:

* Yakult clip on water bottle. This is a brand new reusable aluminum water bottle

* O.N.E Pink Guava Cocnut Water. This stuff is so good post rumn/workout!

* Mini Clif Oatmeal Raisin Bar

* Nutrilite Roc20, Endurance Cubes and a sample of Rhodiola 110

*BHip Energy Mix and BHip Pink Premium Mixer

*Single packet of Bell-Horn Fast Freeze pain relief gel


Want it? Heck yes you do! ! It’s fun to get a box of a bunch of little stuff! Plus it’s always a bonus to get something other than bills in the mail, right?

To enter leave me a comment and let me know that you want in! If you have any questions about the products please ask! Giveaway will be open through Friday. Winner will be picked by


Off to make myself a ridiculously good fro-yo sundae and cozy up for SYTYCD!

17 thoughts on “Bibs aren’t just for babies

  1. I want it!! I’m picking my race packet up Friday from the Wal-Mart garden center. I know you are laughing you butt off right now. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pics from your Coronado day. Let’s hope your camera is on its best behavor.

  2. I can’t wait!! We fly in on Friday!!!! I’M SUSUPER EXCITED SO I’M JUST GONNA TYPE IN CAPS FROM NOW ON!!!! No, that’s just annoying. I can’t get my bib until race day 😦 Hope to bump into you there!

  3. Seeing as I am all the way up in BFE north county, I’ll be picking up my bib race day. The shirt looks cute and d-tag! Should be a good race.

  4. Of course I’d like in! Is it weird that I really want to try the pain relief? HAHA I havent been able to find one that works well!

    Good Luck in the 15k!! wow!

  5. Pick me! Pick Me!! I love free stuff, but I’ve never won a giveaway! 🙂 Good luck with your 15k. We have one here in Tulsa that I am doing in October. It’s my favorite distance…not too short, but not too long. Have fun with it!!

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