Speed? I am speed.

Today’s workout: Repeats! Yaaaaaay!

1 mile w/u @ 8:00, 3 x1600 @ 6:40 (1:30 RI between mi); 1 mile c/d @ 8 min; walked .25

Today was a butt-kicking, sweat pouring, heart pounding, feeling-like-I-am-going-to-die, awesomesauce speed sesh. It was HARD. My lungs were burning. On the last set I kept repeating to myself “almost done, go faster, almost done, you’re not going to die!” When I was finished and headed to stretch I realized I didn’t have a single feeling of pain in either foot. I am pretty sure I cried a few happy tears. Total salt face. Total happiness. Tomorrow will be a cross-train day as I continue to work on strengthening my feet and calves. Overall goal: NO MORE FOOT INJURIES!


Bach review is coming…hang tight. There were so many good moments last night that I don’t want to leave out any deets!!


4 thoughts on “Speed? I am speed.

    1. Cupcake cravings does deliver. 🙂 And just an FYI, I wasn’t THAT bad. I gave half of each to my mom and I only ate half of my half.

      And I did make it to the gym last night for 3 miles and some core workouts. NIce when I walk in the gym our friends that own the little snack bar in there says, I haven’t seen you in forever. Yes that’s because my sport takes place outside and I am only here because it is pouring down rain on June 28th and will be 104 this weekend. Gotta love Cali!

  1. Yes! I love those kind of workouts…the kind that leave you exhausted in an oh-so-good way!

    Great job…looking forward to another giveaway!

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