Bach Tawk

Short Version: The gang heads to Hong Kong. Chris Harrison tells Ashley that her wish has come true and Bentley is there to talk. She goes to see Bentley and he tells her the “dot dot dot” is now a “period” She suddenly turns into I am woman hear me roar and is over him. Riiight.One-on-one with Lucas, he gets a rose. Group date races dragon boats, Ryan gets a rose. One-on-one with Jp McHottie, of course he gets a rose. Mickey leaves the show (!!!) and Dr. Blake is sent home at the rose ceremony.

**Before I go into the long version I have to say: GO MEN! They gave it to Ashley tonight (deserved) and I loved that they stood up for themselves! Newsflash Ashley, you are not the only one that has given up time, work, etc to be on the show!

Long Version:

Per the bach norm it was time for everyone to pack it up and move to another country. The destination: HONG KONG.

photo credit: hilton conrad

 The dudes are told that once they arrive at the hotel they will receive the first date card. Ashley goes into her normal “Bentley” chat when we cut to Chris Harrison surprising Ashley in her hotel room (I am sure it was a REAL shocker). He tells Ashley that Bentley is in Hong Kong, in her hotel and she can go see him when she is ready. He writes down the room number and leaves.

After “gathering” herself she heads down to his hotel room. Bentley opens the door and when she hugs him she goes for the kiss.

photo credit: abc

He clearly didn’t want to kiss her but obliged (because he is a d-bag) and let her in. They have a total ambiguous conversation about where he is at and how is he feeling. I got increasingly agitated throughout this conversation but then reminded myself I broke a tooth last week. We don’t need anymore mishaps in the D house!

 She finally asks him about the “dot dot dot” that he left her with and he kept beating around the bush. She finally gets the clue and asks if the “dot dot dot” is a “period.” He says yes and she suddenly becomes all Wonder Woman on him. She goes off about how he could have called instead of flying to Hong Kong. I think her words were “What, did you want a free vacation?” UM, YEAH, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?

She was clearly ticked because she now realized he was never into her. Finally!!! It took all that time? Really? Really?

She has her alone interview and says “F-you” to him and that she is done. Riiiight. We all know we will still hear about Bentley for the next few weeks.


25 minutes later we get into the dates! The first one-on-one of the night is with LUCAS

photo credit: abc
Although I think Lucas is sweet, this date was boring. Ashley hasn’t spent a lick of time with the guy so she knows nothing about him. (Lets all blame Bentley).
They walk around Hong Kong and take in the night. The end up on a boat for dinner that circles the lit up downtown. Lucas says the boat looks like a pirate ship (he is right it kind of does!). They have a convo about his past. He talks about his previous marriage (where did I miss this?) and what he is looking for in a wife.
Ashley says she has learned a lot about him (sure she did) and gives him a rose.
Group date: Ben, Ames, Constantine, Ryan, Mickey and Blake (who is TICKED because he still hasn’t had a one-on-one). They are told they will be Dragon Boat racing. The guys are divided into teams of 2 and sent out to recruit people to join their respective teams. Ben and Constantine are hilarious on this date. They clearly didn’t care! They named themselves “Team Red Dragon” and sported bandanas while trying to convince people to join their team. Those two might be brothers from another mother.
photo credit: abc


 Ames and Mickey end up winning the race. Back at the cocktail party Ryan turns back into guy smiley
and ends up with a rose. The dudes are NOT HAPPY. They are still Ryan haters. I don’t think this will change!


The last one-on-one is with JP. This is his second one-on-one date so we know that Ashley is digging him. Plus she
has made it known that he is the best kisser ever so I am pretty sure she was looking forward to a makeout sesh.

photo credit: abc

 They meet in a park and Ashley asks him “When is the last time you cried?” He tells her it was his last breakup
and that he was in a really bad place. For lord only knows what reason she decides that this would be a good time
to tell JP that she saw Bentley just a few days prior. He gives the look of surprise and we go to a commercial break.


We come back from the uberly lame commercial break and Ashley is explaining she needed closure and she is totally
over Bentley and that she really likes JP and she feels like she can fully commit herself now. I am sure that made him
feel super awesome to be thought of as #2. He doesn’t really look ticked and basically tells her that he is glad she got
closure and thanks her for being honest. She then, of course, gives him a rose.


Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony: Because JP took the Bentley news so well Ashley decides she should come clean with the rest of the guys. I think she said “This is going to be great” because she feels like she is coming clean to the dudes. She sits down and breaks the news…and then gets laid into by Constantine,Lucas, Blake and surprisingly Mickey!

Constantine takes a jab by reminding her that on their last one-on-one she said she had moved on. He pretty much called her a liar without calling her a liar. TAKE THAT BENTLEY LOVER. Lucas then chimes in and asks why she didn’t do it sooner? He points out they had been to three different places since he left (California, Thailand, China)- she had plenty of chances and waits til now? She tells him that it took longer than she expected and he just shakes his head at her. OUCH. Head shakes are brutal. It’s like when your parents tell you that they are not mad, just disappointed. He then continues on his tirade and says she is wasting his f’ing time. DUDE IS MAD.

Ashley then decides to do her one-on-ones to let each guy vent. Blake makes her cry when he points out that he is vying for a one-on-one and Bentley gets one without being on the show! Mickey calls her a liar, tells her that if she is looking for someone like Bentley to just send him home. He said he is nothing like Bentley and frankly not interested. Ashley says she will not send him home, if he wants to go he can go on his own. He says see ya later and heads out.

They interview him on the boat and he says “Someone is going to make Ashley happy. That someone isn’t me.”

After Ashley attempts to gather herself its rose ceremony time. Lucas, JP and Ryan all have roses. She hands out the last three to Ben, Constantine and Ames. Dr. Blake the dentist is sent home.


I don’t know about you all, but Ashley’s drama is wearing on me. I am certain there will be a lot more tears in the next few weeks and if any of them are over Bentley I may barf.

JP is the clear front-runner so it will be interesting to see how things play out!

If you watched last night:

Do you think the guys had a right to be upset?

Do you think Mickey will be the next bachelor?

Do you think JP will end up as Ashley’s main squeeze?


Giveaway announcement coming!!!


5 thoughts on “Bach Tawk

  1. I am soo sick of her talking about Bentley….but at the same time, that whole scenario brought a lot of drama (which I LOVED). If this scenario were switched and I were in the guys places, I would be pissed! She basically told them (with a smile) that she was in love with Bentley. Therefore, if Bentley would have stayed she would have chosen him. That would mean those guys are playing second fiddle to Bentley the d-bag! I would have left the show like Mickey and just joined Bachelor Pad and found someone else:)

  2. So, our DVR decided to ruin my Bachelorette evening and kept freezing up. I think we got up to the just before the date with JP. I’ll try again tonight, see if we can watch the rest, otherwise I might have to watch it on my laptop. I stopped halfway through your recap when I realized that the cocktail party sounds entertaining to watch.

    I still love Bentley’s line. “I think we should call it a period.” My husband said he read some report that she did the nasty with him. I wish I knew where he read it. But that would explain her obsession.

  3. Did you see the previews for the rest of the show? I can’t figure out what’s going to happen but FOR SURE her crying is OLD, REAL OLD!! But I’m hooked, thank you very much BFF!

    I think JP is the winner winner chicken dinner but I was looking at every detail of the previews to see if I could figure it out.

    I’m not sure about Mickey maybe because I didn’t really get to know him, but that might be a good thing for the Bachelor, who knows???

  4. @ Melissa: You are so right! Which is why those dudes got mad and I don’t blame em! I agree with you about the drama. I love it- it would be a snore without it. I will be tuning into the bach pad fo sho! So far I heard that William and Blake have accepted spots…and that there will be 1 more from this season! Bring it baby!

    @Chacha: Go watch the cocktail party!!! Pure entertainment!! I wouldn’t doubt that she got it on with/B. Why else would she be so obsessed? Makes sense…

    @ Cammers: Sorry girl- the addiction is here to stay!!!

  5. I was finally able to read this cause I caught up yesterday! this girl’s season is just a mess. Can’t believe the guys keep dropping like flies….now I just want sweet JP to get out of dodge and be the next bachelor

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